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Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Responsible Conduct of Research training for all faculty, staff and students performing research on campus is required certification for all CCU faculty, students and staff participating in research and sponsored programs/projects that require submission of a protocol to the IRB or IACUC.

Specific Areas:

IRB Members



Physical Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences  

These trainings are provided by the Collaborative  Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). These modules need only be completed once and your scores are saved to a database.

Please click on this link CITI Program to register, create  your account, and choose your discipline-specific area for training.

* Please note that it is not necessary to complete all of the modules in one session. The CITI system retains your information and you can access it at any time. Just be sure to remember your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Coastal Carolina University faculty, staff, and  students have unlimited access to the CITI Program so we invite faculty members to use this online training resource for classes which involve human participant research.

Presentation Handout and Guide

What is the Responsible Conduct of Research? How do I Learn About It?  And Why Do I Care? (pdf)

First Time Users: Instructions for Completing Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Training

The training program consists of a number of modules which are grouped for your ease. Each track consists of required and optional modules. You must complete all of the required modules before you can move on to the optional ones. Completion of some optional modules may be required  based on your type of research project.

If you are uncertain about what group and/or modules to complete, please see
Basic Course Requirements  and Beyond the Basics Requirements or contact Bruxanne Hein, IRB Administrator and Director of the Office of Research Services, before beginning your training to be sure that you are completing all necessary modules for your research.

Please note that it is not necessary to complete all of the modules in one session. The CITI system retains your information and you can access it at any time.

A quiz follows each module. You must attain a score of at least 80% on each quiz. When you have completed the entire training, please print out your completion report. An e-mail of your completion will also automatically be sent to the Office of Research Services.

How to Register Steps to Register with CITI Program presentation

1. Go to http://www.citiprogram.org/

2. Click on 'Register Here'

3. Choose Coastal Carolina University from the drop down menu under Participating Institutions

4. Create your Username and Password

5. Enter your Preferred Email Address (secondary email is not needed)

6. Submit

7. Complete asterisked (*) information

8. Select the  Learner Group which is most appropriate for your research - students select ONLY "students conducting no more than minimal research."

9. Skip Laboratory Animal Welfare if you are not conducting research with animals.

10. Submit

11. Answer Yes or No

12. Submit

13. You are now on the Main Menu page. This is the page you will see every time you re-enter the CITI system.

14. Go to My Courses and select Enter to begin your training.

15. If you have any questions, contact pcarter@coastal.edu


CITI PROGRAM Frequently Asked Questions

About CITI Registration and Training Modules

About Courses and Learner Groups

CCU faculty, staff, and students, also see Basic Course Requirements and Beyond the Basics Requirements

About Completion Reports

About International Projects

For questions about the CITI program, please contact: