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Cost Share & Matching Funds

All new grant awards must identify a departmental or other account number for cost share/matching requirements prior to receiving a new account number.

Reassigned time – OSPRS will consider two types of reassigned time: a) any employee's time and effort allocated to a project/grant for which a funding agency sponsor reimburses CCU, and b) any employee's time and effort allocated to a project/grant but not charged to the sponsor and for which the University pays (hard matching/cash contributions).

Advance reassigned time - Reassigned time can be budgeted for any employee, not just faculty members. Advance reassigned time from normal duties can only be accounted during the academic year. Any reassigned time budgeted by a faculty member on an external funding program/grant must be in accordance with policy. Considering that CCU is financially responsible for the payment of salaries & fringes of an employee's reassigned time, any such reassigned time allocated to a program/grant shall be considered as "hard match" or actual cash match from a department's own general operating funds.

Additional compensation – Additional/supplemental compensation can only be paid if allowed by the Funding Agency/Sponsor and approved by the department in accordance with policy.

Summer time – Summer time can only be budgeted by faculty members/employees with 9 or 10 months appointments. A faculty member/employee may dedicate his/her summer time to a project/grant as in-kind as long as the department is not responsible for any salaries during the summer term. In the event the department is financially responsible for the payment of any funds to a faculty member for any time dedicated to a project/grant during the summer, said payment shall be given the same treatment as advance release time and shall be considered as cash match from the department general operating funds.

Other Direct Costs – Any other direct costs that are paid for from sources other than the funding agency/sponsor and directly attributable to support of the project shall be accounted as actual cash match from a department own general operating monies. (i.e. project-related travel not charged to the project/grant; existing or newly purchased equipment and/or supplies need for the project, not being charged to the project/grant; and contracted consultants who will provide expertise to the project but whose expenses aren't eligible for grant funding).

In-Kind - In-kind contributions are non-cash contributions in the form of goods or services that can be given a cash value. Examples include the fair market value of project supplies, transportation, and services.

Unrecovered Facilities & Administrative (Indirect) Costs - Some funding agencies limit the amount of F&A cost recovery. Any difference between the CCU's F&A cost rate and the funding agency's limited F&A cost rate (unrecovered indirect costs) may be used as a matching commitment if the Funding Agency/Sponsor agrees. Unrecovered F&A costs will be counted as "Soft match" (i.e. an expense related to the project but not charged to the project).

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