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General Forms

Grant Change Approval Form (ORS-4)
IRB Forms

Protocol Forms

IRB Exempt Request Form - Request for Exemption: Submit a request for exempt research to the Coastal Carolina University IRB.  If you are unsure of that your study meets the requirements for exempt research, please visit the IRB page for further information

IRB Request for Full Review Form - Submit an expedited or full review to the Coastal Carolina University IRB

Consent Forms

IRB Exempt Consent Form - This consent form template may be used for all exempt research procedures, incluing interviews where there is no recording.  Exempt research in the education category should use the parent and/or student consent forms.  Recorded interviews or focus groups should use the appropriate templates below

IRB Interview Consent Form - Used for interviews (audio and/or video recorded) with participants

IRB Focus Group Consent Form - Used when research activities include only focus groups of participants, or a subset of participants

- Consent for all non-biomedical research, including combination activities such as survey/test/interview

IRB Minor Consent Form - Used when participants are aged 6-18 years of age and are capable of reading and understanding the study.  May also be used for populations with English literacy challenges (with IRB approval)

Other Forms

IRB Letter of Agreement Form - A general letter of agreement to be used when another organization is involved in recruiting participants, allowing access to participants, or allowing access to data

Exercise Screening Tool - Used to screen participants for studies involving exercise in order to classify participants in risk categories to determine appropriateness of physical activity

IRB Interview Consent Form - Recorded Consent Form: Used for interviews (audio and/or video recorded) with participants

Sample Documents

Sample Informed Consent

Anonymous Survey Informed Consent Template

Full Informed Consent Template
IACUC Forms  

IACUC - Research with Non-Human Vertebrate Animal Protocol Form (IACUC Approval)

IACUC - Approval for Field Studies