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Handbook for Principal Investigators

This manual has been prepared by the Office of Research Services (ORS), Coastal Carolina University, to help faculty and staff in the preparation and submission of grant proposals and the administration of grant awards.  Material contained in this manual is relevant to any kind of project or granting agency.

The most current information such as fringe benefit rates will be posted to this site as soon as they become available and may be downloaded to keep your manual up-to-date.  The site also includes other grant related information as well as grant funding opportunities and links to other universities and funding agencies.  If you choose to print this manual from the Web Site, be aware that it includes links, which you will need to ignore in the printed version.

The staff of ORS is pleased to have an active role in working with faculty and staff in the complex process of proposal preparation, submission and award and strive to provide the best possible service to the Coastal Carolina University community.


I. Preface

II. Introduction

III. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ sheet)

IV. Proposal Development (Pre-Award) Activities

     A. Idea Generation and Development

     B. Locating Funding Sources

     C. Selecting the Funding Source

     D. Pre-Application Contacts

     E. Organizing and Writing the Proposal

          1. Title Page

          2. Table of Contents

          3. Abstract or Summary

          4. Project Narrative or Description

               a. Introduction

               b. Statement of Need and Significance of Project

               c. Goals & Objectives

               d. Methodology

               e. Evaluation

               f. Dissemination

          5. References

          6. Budget

               a. Personnel/Salaries and Wages

               b. Personnel/Fringe Benefits

               c. Expendable Supplies

               d. Equipment

               e. Travel

               f. Communications

               g. Publication

               h. Subcontracts

               i. Consultants

               j. Other Direct Costs

               k. Indirect Costs

               l. Cost Sharing

               m. Appendices

V. Submitting the Proposal and Proposal Review

     A. Necessary Forms and Approvals

     B. Special Reminders

          1. Processing Time

          2. Application Instructions/Guidelines

          3. Specialized Information

          4. Format Guidelines

     C. Proposals Requiring Special Review

          1. Human Research Subjects

          2. Animal Subjects

          3. Hazardous Materials

     D. Site Visits

     E. Declination

VI. Post-Award Grant Administration

     A. Acceptance of the Award

     B. Award Document

     C. CCU Accounts

     D. Post-Award Activity

          1. Rebudgeting

          2. Changes Requiring Funding Agency Approval

               a. Change in Principal Investigator

               b. Changes in Scope of Work

               c. No-Cost Extensions

          3. Grant Expenditures

          4. Foreign Travel

          5. Equipment

          6. Purchasing

          7. Personnel

          8. Miscellaneous Information

               a. Patents and Inventions

               b. Co-Mingling of Funds

               c. Change of Grantee Insitution

               d. Final Reports


     APPENDIX NO. 1. Office of Research Services / Provost's Office Organization Chart

     APPENDIX NO. 2. Pre-Award Step Summary

     APPENDIX NO. 3. Proposal Submission Flow Chart

     APPENDIX NO. 4. Things You Must Be Aware Of - Pre-Award

     APPENDIX NO. 5. Regulations for Travel Reimbursement

     APPENDIX NO. 6.  Post-Award Responsibilities (salaries/consultants/travel, etc.)

     APPENDIX NO. 7. Post-Award Responsibilities - How-to Action Matrix

     APPENDIX NO. 8. Contacts for Campus Services

     APPENDIX NO. 9. Important Information about Coastal Carolina University

     APPENDIX NO. 10. Kimbel Library Resources

     APPENDIX NO. 11. Common Grant Forms

     APPENDIX NO. 12. Fringe Benefits for Grant Employees

     APPENDIX NO. 13. grantsERA tutorials