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A. Idea Generation and Development

The proposal process begins with an idea for a project or activity that cannot be undertaken without securing funds from outside the University. 

After the idea has been generated, discuss your goals and objectives as well as the general ramifications  of the project with your colleagues, Department Chair, Dean and other institutional officials in order to insure institutional cooperation and coordination.

Before discussing your ideas or seeking institutional approvals, it is usually a good idea to develop your ideas as a CONCEPT PAPER.  The Concept Paper is an outline of your project.  A complete Concept Paper should always contain:

- a statement of the problem

- a statement of the objectives of the proposed project

- a description of the methodology to be used and the roles of the principal project staff

- a summary highlighting the benefits of the proposed project and qualifications of the proposer, other staff identified in the proposal and the institution

- an outline of the project's needs and estimate costs

The Concept Paper then serves as the focal point of your discussions and should be modified as your ideas take shape.