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k. Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are the overhead costs incurred by the institution in the general support and management of the proposed activities that cannot readily be determined by direct measurement.  Indirect costs include the costs of general administration, such as accounting, personnel, payroll, plant operation and maintenance including utilities, janitorial service, and routine repairs and maintenance, depreciation and use allowances for existing buildings and capital equipment, research administration and departmental administration in support of your project.  Coastal's Indirect Cost rate is negotiated with the federal government and must be charged to all grants in which Indirect Costs are allowed.  (Certain exceptions apply as well, such as when the PI would like to use Indirect Costs as a match, etc. Contact ORS for more information).  CCU will use the full amount of indirect costs recovered from its research grants and contracts to further faculty research and development.  Costs generated by grants and contracts in the Service or Training (Instruction) categories go to the State Treasury's General Fund. Click here to view Coastal's approved Indirect Cost Rate.  PLEASE CONSULT THE OFFICE OF RESERACH SERVICES BEFORE CALCULATING THE INDIRECT COST RATE.