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d. Methodology

Describe in as much detail as practical the approach you will use to achieve your objectives.  Describe all activities in a step-by-step sequence, including time-estimates whenever possible.  Do not hesitate to use figures or tables to help clarify your point.  Be certain that each proposed activity can be related back to an objective and that there are no unnecessary or superfluous steps.  If the proposed activity will require an unusual amount of funds, explain this in detail.

Unless the guidelines specify otherwise identify important staff persons and their responsibilities and provide job descriptions for personnel who will need to be hired in the Methods section.

A final topic which may be addressed in Methods, or in a separate section as required by the guidelines is program is continuation.  No one wants  to see a project which they funded just disappear when their money runs out.  Continuity may require long-term commitments from the Institution, but remember that a successful project solves or substantially reduces the problem and so should provide the Institution with savings in the long-term.