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8. Miscellaneous Information

a. Patents and Inventions

A PI who wishes to pursue a patent should contact ORS for assistance.

University policy requires that faculty disclose inventions to the Patent and Copyright Committee at the time of discovery.  Disclosure forms are available from the Office of Research Services.  Most federal grants allow the patent rights to remain with the University.  However, all inventions must be reported to the agency.  Non-federal agencies have many different requirements and each grant or contract must be reviewed to determine the appropriate policy. It is important to contact ORS whenever a patent is being considered so that the PI can receive assistance in complying with the agency and the University policy as well as in preparing the required documents.

b. Co-Mingling of Funds

Funds in one CCU grant or contract account cannot be transferred to another account.  If an account has been incorrectly charged for an item or service, and if that charge should have been placed against another account number, this must be done by journal entry in Grant Accounting.  A memo should be sent to Office of Grants Accounting or ORS requesting that the charges be moved from one account to another.

c. Change of Grantee Institution

In most cases, PI may transfer their grants or contract with them when they move to a new institution.  Several reports will be required (final financial reports, invention statements, equipment transfer requests, relinquishing forms, revised applications for the new institution, etc.). Since the process differs with each agency, ORS should be contacted immediately when it is known that a new PI will be bringing an award to the University or when a PI at CCU is planning to transfer his/her award to another institution.

d. Final Reports

At the end of a grant there are usually a number of required reports.  These are a final progress report (technical), expenditure report (fiscal), invention statement, and equipment inventory.  In most cases the University has ninety (90) days from the end of the grant to submit all required reports.  If there are any questions as to the reporting requirements, ORS or the granting agency should be consulted.

The final progress report or technical report should be completed by the PI and should be prepared according to instructions from the granting agency.  This report usually includes a summary statement of progress toward the originally stated aims, a list of significant results (positive or negative), a list of publications resulting from the project, and any other material required by the award instrument.

The final expenditure report will be completed by Grant Accounting.  This report documents the financial status of the grant according to the official records of the University.

Many agencies require an invention statement whether the grant produced an invention or not.  If there were inventions, the PI identifies them on the report and submits it to the granting agency with the PI's signature and the appropriate signature from the ORS office.  If there were no inventions, the same reporting procedure is used to state that no inventions were made during the grant period.

Most agencies require that any equipment purchased with grant funds be reported.  This inventory report is prepared by the University propetry officer in Grants Accounting.