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C. Selecting the Funding Source

In selecting a funding source, the proposer will need to review the source information to determine which potential sources offer the best funding opportunities.

In reviewing the funding literature, the proposer should look for the following information:

- the correct name and address of the potential source
- the area of interest
- funding priorities and review procedures
- size of grants (both maximum and average)
- restrictions, if any
- cost sharing requirements
- application deadlines and any special conditions for proposal submission
- name of contact person or office
- whether there are guidelines and required forms

Once this information is compiled, the proposer should select agencies using the following criteria:

- whether you and your institution are eligible to apply for this program
- whether the proposal idea fits within the basic philosophy of the source and its funding priorities
- whether the proposed costs are within the allowed range
- whether matching or cost sharing funds are required and if so, what kind
- whether funding is long- or short-term and whether renewals are possible
- whether there is a funding cycle, and if so, whether the deadlines for proper submission can be met
- whether a draft or pre-proposal or concept paper is required or whether one can be submitted for review prior to formal submission of the proposal