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B. Special Reminders

1. Processing Time

Please submit proposals to ORS at least five working days prior to the deadlines. This is the minimum time required to ensure a complete review and University endorsement. Some proposals may require additional lead time. Be sure you have discussed with ORS whether your proposal will require additional time well in advance of the deadline.

2. Application Instructions/Guidelines

If the proposal is being submitted to an agency other than a federal agency or as a special "one-time project" within a federal agency, please include a copy of the application instructions and any other written instructions you have received from the funding source. This is particularly important for foundations, professional societies, smaller special interest organizations, industry programs, or for Request For Proposals (RFPs). ORS needs this information in order to determine such things as allowable overhead rates, correct mailing addresses, special restrictions, and other unusual requirements.

3. Specialized Information

Occasionally, an application (for examples, Department of Defense and US AID forms) will require a large number of certifications, special assurances, or financial statements from the University. If you are working on a proposal of this type, please send ORS a copy of these requirements prior to submitting the proposal to ORS for review. This will save you time since it often takes several days to put together the material for specialized information requests.

4. Format Guidelines

Investigators should read all application guidelines very carefully. Many agencies and programs have strict policies concerning the number of pages, type size, format, etc. Failure to prepare proposals in conformance with guidelines can lead to rejection of the application.