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C. Proposals Requiring Special Review

While preparing a proposal it is important to keep in mind that certain special reviews and approvals may be necessary to insure compliance with University and sponsor requirements. The review and approval procedures listed below are mandated by federal statute/regulations. Violations can lead to loss of federal and non-federal support. University policy requires appropriate review of all projects involving the following:

1. Human Research Subjects

All research involving human subjects must be approved by the University's Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is established in accordance with federal law and is administered by ORS. Most funding agencies require evidence of IRB approval prior to making a grant award for a project involving human subjects. You should contact ORS for appropriate forms and procedures for obtaining IRB review/approval.

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2. Animal Subjects

All research involving vertebrate animals must be approved by the University's Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC). Like the IRB, the IACUC has been established in accordance with federal regulations and most agencies require approval before they will make a grant for research involving animals. An Animal Use Questionnaire must be obtained from ORS and completed in order for the committee to consider a researcher's project.

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3. Hazardous Materials

Research involving potential hazards associated with the use of toxic materials, infectious organisms, and genetic recombination must be reviewed and approved by the University. Questions concerning research involving hazardous materials should be directed to Boyd Holt, Safety Compliance Manager, Environmental Health and Safety, 843-349-2817.