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1. Title Page

Most Federal and State agencies have their own title page forms which they require you to use. Whether a form is provided or not, a title page should supply the following:

- Title of Proposal

- Name of Proposed Funding Source

- Date of Submission

- Beginning and End Dates of the Project (or Project Duration)

- Total Funds Requested (and first year funds for multi-year proposals)

- Name, Institution's address, Telephone Number(s) and Signatures(s) of both the PI and Institutional Official(s) with the Responsibility for the Administration of Funds, and Designated Endorsement of the Institution.

Titles should be brief and descriptive of the project. A title that emphasizes your intended result will grab the reader's attention and focus it where you want it. A poor title is simply boring and lets the reader make unnecessary assumptions. Don't call your proposal "Request for Equipment" or "Adult Education Project," make it "Equipment for a Genetic Engineering Curriculum" or "Promoting Literacy Among Senior Citizens."