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Proposal Submission


I want to apply for a grant, what should I do?
To begin the process of applying for a grant, please contact the Office of Research Services (ORS) and provide the Funding Opportunity/RFP/web address and guidelines, your project title, and the deadlines of the grant for which you plan to apply.  This information will be used to start an electronic file of your proposal in the grantsERA system (the University’s electronic review and approval system) and also makes ORS aware of any deadlines and/or any special guidelines associated with the grant.   If you would like to discuss your proposal and/or the RFP, you are encouraged to set up a time to meet with the Proposal Development Coordinator.

What if I decide not to apply for the grant after I contacted the Office of Research Serives (ORS)?
Simply contact ORS and let them know that you will not be applying for that grant at that time.  The Office of Research Serivices will withdraw your intent of application in the grantsERA system. 

How do I know whether a grant application should be submitted through the University's Office of Research Services, the Coastal Education Foundation, or just directly to the funding agency?
The application should be submitted by whichever body will receive and administer the grant funds. If funds will go into any University Account or if the proposed project will make use of any University facilities beyond your office or entail any commitment or expenditure of funds by the University, the application must be submitted through the Office Research Services. If there are any personnel costs aside from payments made directly to you, as in the case of most fellowships or consulting positions, then the application must be submitted by the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research. If you are not sure of how your application should be submitted, contact the Office Research Services.

I need help writing my proposal and creating my budget.  Is there anyone who can help me?
Yes.  Please contact the Office of Research Services to set up a time to meet with the Pre-Award Services Manager to discuss your proposal, edit your proposal, and/or if you would like help creating your budget.

How do I submit a proposal?
To submit a proposal, please give your final proposal and budget to the Office of Research Services at least FIVE days before the proposal is due - this is to obtain University approval and the appropriate signatures.  If you make any minor edits or revisions to the proposal after you provided it to ORS for signatures, please contact ORS before the deadline and provide them with the final draft of the proposal to submit to the granting agency. 

I need to make a change to the proposal I already provided to the  Office of Research Services.  What do I do?
Ideally the proposal you provide ORS is your final draft, but minor edits and revisions to the text are not unusual.  If you later provide a revised draft for the final submission, ORS will replace the earlier draft with the new one before submitting it to the granting agency.