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What am I, as the Principal Investigator, responsible for?

The Principal Investigator / Project Director is responsible for the overall direction and successful completion of project. To insure that all project objectives are accomplished within the allowed time frame and budget, the project director must take on a series of administrative responsibilities related to such matters as fiscal management, purchasing and personnel. It is
also the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to insure that cost sharing funds are properly spent and accounted for.

The Principal Investigator maintains contact with the sponsoring agency's Program Officer who is responsible for the discipline related and technical aspects. The Program Officer is also the Principal Investigator's contact for programmatic concerns, changes in scope of work, etc.

The Principal Investigator is responsible for submitting a final and any other required progress reports. Financial reports will be submitted by the Grants Accounting Office. In most cases the University has ninety (90) days from the end of the grant to submit all required reports. If there are any questions as to the reporting requirements, OSPRS or the granting agency should be consulted.

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Are there any other regulations that govern those that receive grants?

Executive Order 13513- "Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging while Driving," section 4 states:

Text Messaging While Driving by Government Contractors, Subcontractors, and Recipients and Subrecipients. Each Federal agency, in procurement contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements, and other grants to the extent authorized by applicable statutory authority, entered into after the date of this order, shall encourage contractors, subcontractors, and recipients and subrecipients to adopt and enforce policies that ban text messaging while driving company-owned or -rented vehicles or GOV, or while driving POV when on official Government business or when performing any work for or on behalf of the Government. Agencies should also encourage Federal contractors, subcontractors, and grant recipients and subrecipients as described in this section to conduct initiatives of the type described in section 3(a) of this order.

Why do I have to fill out University paperwork such as Purchase Order Requisitions, Travel Authorizations etc. in order to spend my grant money?

In general, grants are made with the expectation that the University will apply the same standards of accountability to grant funds as it does to public funds. Federal and State grants require this and most private funding sources expect it. If the University fails to apply these standards to the expenditure of grant funds it may be required to return part or all of the grant funds or the institution (including all faculty and students at the University) can lose eligibility to receive future grants.