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Emerging Scholars Incentive Award

The University Research Council takes great pleasure in announcing the availability of the Council's Emerging Scholars Incentive Award. The purpose of this incentive award is to recognize
the research progress of tenure-track faculty in the areas of research, scholarship, or creative activities.


  1. Assistant Professor (untenured, tenure-track)
  2. Completed at least 2 years at CCU in tenure-track position
  3. Significant Research Progress at CCU not limited to but including:
    a. Undergraduate research, scholarship, or creative activities
    b. Graduate student research, scholarship, or creative activities
    c. Grant Proposals
    d. Grants Funded
    e. Publications or Creative Activities
    f. Invited presentations, posters


Award Procedure

  1. Letter of recommendation by Department Chair to Dean, current vita attached
    Deadline: First Thursday after Spring Break
  2. Letter of recommendation by Dean to URC, current vita attached
    Deadline: Second Thursday after Spring Break


  • $1,000 restricted to research supplies or travel related to research, scholarship or creative activities
  • Recipient is not eligible again
  • Recommendation to the Provost determined by a URC vote
  • Award presented by President/Provost in Spring semester