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Graduate Student Incentive Grants

The University Research Council announces the availability of the URC's Graduate Student Incentive Grants. The purpose of these grants is to support research, scholarship, and creative activities by graduate students in all colleges of the University.


Incentive Grants May Be Used As:

  1. Matching funds for graduate student generated grant proposals.
  2. Supplies and/or materials not covered by other funding in support of research, scholarship, or creative activities.
  3. Travel incurred for research, scholarship, presentation, exhibition, or performance.

Requirements for Eligibility:

  1. Graduate student fully admitted to a graduate degree program at CCU.
  2. Graduate student must be in good standing (3.0 GPA), with identified faculty advisor.
  3. Evidence of progress toward the graduate degree.

How To Apply:

  1. Complete the attached proposal form, including the cover page, proposal body (limited to 2 pages), and appendices. Follow the content instructions carefully. Prior award winners are eligible to re-apply and should attach to their proposal a copy of their summary report from the previous award. Preference is generally given to new applicants.
  2. Submit the proposal as an email attachment (either MS Word or PDF) to Dr. James Luken in the Office of Graduate Studies (joluken@coastal.edu). The subject line of the email should be "Graduate Student Research Incentive Grant Proposal (your last name)." You will receive a return email with confirmation of receipt.
  3. Request a support letter from your major professor or advisor indicating: (1) approval of your proposed project/activity, and (2) importance of this grant to your project/activity. Your advisor should email the letter, as an attachment, directly to Dr. Luken.



  • Fall Submission: October 15 (for projects beginning Nov 1)
  • Spring Submission: March 1 (for projects beginning April 1)

Download Application and Instructions

Award Decisions

Decisions are made by members of the URC subject to available funds. Maximum awards are $2000 but are typically less than that. The average award last year was approximately $700. Funds are awarded for one year and are restricted to the approved grant proposal.

Responsibilities if you Receive Funding:

  1. Expenditures must be approved by your major professor/advisor and must be submitted on the appropriate forms to your departmental administrative assistant.
  2. Upon completion of the project, you must submit a summary statement to the URC describing (1) how the funds were used, (2) their impact upon your academic/career development, and (3) a copy or evidence of the product produced and supported by URC funding that contributes to the knowledge base of your discipline.