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University Research Council (URC)

Vision Statement

Research and professional pursuits are critical components of academic life and a vibrant university. Students working with faculty engaged in continuous efforts to create, to learn, and to share new knowledge value life-long learning and its application in the classroom and beyond. Research and professional activity of faculty are key measures of a university's academic ranking and public perception of the value and benefit of the institution. As an advisory council, the URC makes recommendations and facilitates discussions that promote a strong culture of performance, research and productivity at the University.

Mission Statement

The University Research Council (URC) promotes and supports faculty and student research as a primary mission of the University and an essential component of quality undergraduate and graduate education. In the context of an active learning community with regional leadership and a global perspective, the URC nourishes all research, scholarship, professional and creative activities that stimulate ideas and disseminate knowledge.

Vision and Mission Statements approved by the University Research Council, November 1, 2010.