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LittleFE Coastal Carolina has been recently awarded a mini-cluster from the LittleFe project funded by the Shodor Education Foundation, Intel, Teragrid, and others. This cluster is a 12-core portable unit designed for use in undergraduate computer science curricula for teaching parallel and concurrent computing. The unit supports both shared memory (e.g. OpenMP) and message passing (e.g. MPI) programming styles. We have recieved and assembled our LittleFe unit at the 2011 Supercomputing conference (SC) located in Seattle, WA.

The LittleFe cluster is a portable distributed memory parallel cluster designed for education. The LittleFe system is a 6 node Beowulf style system which consists of dual-core Intel Atom processors. The system is interconnected with gigabit ethernet.

Stay tuned to this page to keep up on integrating the LittleFe mini-cluster into the Coastal Carolina CS curriculum.