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120 Leisure, Recreation, and Wellness. (3) The study of human wellness through leisure and recreation concepts. Emphasis placed on using leisure resources to increase human satisfaction, fulfillment, and quality of life; the potential for physical, mental, social, and emotional growth; and the development of individuals, communities, and societies. The course presents a variety of leisure, recreation, and wellness opportunities and alternatives to heighten the college student's awareness of available lifelong leisure activities.

210 Recreational Activities. (3) An exploration of a variety of activities appropriate for use in any recreational setting. Areas of concentration will include music, crafts, nature, special events, fitness, leisure counseling, and socialization. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of activity skills.

242 Introduction to Recreation and Sport Management. (3) The significance and meaning of recreation, leisure, play, and sport in modern society, theories of play, models of sport, and the recreational and sport movement in the United States. Role and scope of recreation and sport programs in the community, schools, commercial, and industrial settings. Introduction to professional and career issues in the field.

301 Principles of Coaching. (3) (=PHED 301) (Prereq: 45 credit hours earned) A study of coaching from a contemporary coaching education model. Principles focus on coaching athletes in recreation, amateur, and educational settings. Topics include philosophical, ethical, developmental, behavioral/ psychological, instruction/pedagogical, and physical/training issues. Course also provides overview of coaching management and provides certification opportunity. F, S, Su.

305 Sports Officiating. (3) A study of the philosophy and principles of sports officiating. Content includes rules and mechanics for officiating of various seasonal sports, with practical/field experiences. Includes observation and evaluation of officials in recreational, high school and collegiate settings with certification opportunities.

309 Youth Sport. (3) (Prereq: PSYC 101 or SOC 101) An investigation into the issues of children participating in organized and competitive sport. The course examines youth sports from biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives. Emphasis is placed on the impact of sport managers and leaders in the delivery of youth sport programs. Comprehensive survey of current scientific knowledge and examination of changing attitudes, behaviors, and trends in youth sport.

310 Campus Recreation. (3) (Prereq: RSM 242) An introduction to collegiate recreation and intramural sports programs including professional ethics and issues, facility operations, program management, legal liability and risk management, marketing, fiscal management, and social issues.

315 Outdoor Recreation. (3) An overview of the role of the natural world in recreation services. The course will focus on values of outdoor recreation, adventure recreation, environmental impact, and the role of government in the provision of outdoor recreation.

317 Moral and Ethical Reasoning in Recreation and Sport (3) (Prereq: RSM 242 or concurrent enrollment in RSM 242) The course provides a survey of the ethical and legal issues confronting sport in contemporary society. Students use a case study approach to become familiar with interconnecting legal and ethical issues as they arise within the context of sports from youth to professional levels. F, S.

320 Administration of Sport and Fitness. (3) (Prereq: RSM 242 or EXSS 205) Introduction to the administrative and managerial duties of the sport or fitness leader. Topics include organization structures, strategic planning, personnel management, budget planning, risk management and legal considerations, and program assessment.

337 Legal Issues in Recreation and Sport. (3) (Prereq: RSM 242 or EXSS 205) An overview of the role local, state and federal governments have in the provision of recreation and sport services. Provide the basic understanding of legal liability, risk management, negligence, standard of care, safety regulations, and other legal subjects as they apply to recreation and sport.

352 Commercial Recreation. (3) (Prereq: ECON 320 or ECON 330 or CBAD 350) Basis principles and steps of initiating and conducting a commercial recreation enterprise, designed to offer students practical experience in starting a commercial recreation business.

369 Sports Marketing and Promotion. (3) (Prereq: CBAD 350) An application of fundamental marketing and promotion concepts to the sport industry. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the relationship between sport products and sport consumer markets. Students will utilize the analysis, strategy development, implementation, and evaluation phases of the sport marketing process.

370 Outdoor Leadership. (3) This course focuses on theoretical and practical study of leading groups in outdoor recreation and education setting. Specific outdoor leadership skills are discussed, including lesson design and teaching style, expedition planning, emergency procedures, risk management, minimum impact approaches, and working with various clients. This course requires students to participate in extended outdoor expeditions.

377 Sport Tourism. (3) An introduction to the scope, characteristics, and management aspects of the sport tourism industry. The course offers a blend of conceptual and practical material to help achieve a basic understanding of this diverse industry.

379 Principles of Ecotourism. (3) This course will introduce students to the history, concepts, principles, marketing, planning and management of ecotourism activities and development which promote cultural and environmental awareness and local economic benefits.

380 Recreation for People with Disabilities. (3) (Prereq: RSM 242 or permission of the instructor) An Introduction to the concepts and professional approaches to recreation service delivery for people with disabling conditions. Appreciation for human diversity and impact of differences on recreation involvement.

389 Recreation and Sport Leadership. (3) (Prereq: RSM 242) This course focuses on the study and practice of leadership styles and direct leadership techniques for conducting organized recreation and sport programs for all age groups.

392 Q Field Experience in Recreation and Sport Management. (3) (Prereq: RSM 337) A supervised practicum in a professional setting; on-site observation in a public, private or commercial setting with experience in all working areas and activities pertinent to that agency.

393 Sport Media and Communication. (3) This course is designed to provide insight into public and media relations in the recreation and sport management fields. The content of the course will allow the student to examine and apply strategic public relations concepts to the internal and external communication problems encountered in these occupations. The course will cover general principles and strategies of public relations and will include a component of effective communications in recreation and sport organizations. The course will also focus on the application of public relations, media relations, and publicity in a variety of settings.

394 Sport Technology. (3) This course will introduce students to current technology advances that enhance various management aspects of sport organizations. Emphasis will be on the use of computer technology with topics including fundamental website development, relational database management, potential application of data mining in sport organization decision making, internet based recruiting, electronic ticketing, virtual signage, video streaming, use of technology for facility and risk management, and use of multimedia for instruction or promotion of sport related programs.

396 Orientation to Internship. (1) (Prereq: RSM 337) Plan and prepare for internship in recreation and sport management. Analyze career placement opportunities, the internship process, and associate requirements. For recreation and sport management students only or permission of the instructor.

399 Independent Study. (1-3) (Prereq: RSM 242)

400 Sport in Contemporary Society. (3) (Prereq: 60 credit hours earned) An investigation into sport as a microcosm of society and how it is influenced by cultural traditions, social values, and psychosocial experiences. Emphasis is placed on how sport managers are immersed in the soci-cultural milieu, with sport as the focus. Course includes the examination of changing attitudes, behaviors, and trends in the world of sport. F, S, Su.

410 Financing Sport and Sales. (3) (Prereq: CBAD 350) This course introduces students to the concepts of financial management and sales as applied to the unique world of sports. This course will analyze and produce skills essential to the revenue production and sales process commonly found in the sport business. The course concentrates on understanding the application of several key financial analyses, contract negotiation and understanding the use of economic impact studies to justify sport events and facilities in host communities. Furthermore, this course discusses the financial concepts and theories and their application on the professional, intercollegiate, and commercial sport industries.

432 Research and Evaluation in Recreation and Sport Management. (3) (Prereq: RSM 369 or ECON 320 or ECON 330 and Senior standing) Systematic, structured problem-solving for decision making in recreation and sport management services. Research techniques/evaluation procedures; quantitative, qualitative methodologies; deductive, inductive reasoning. (Computer Usage)

438 Recreation for Active Aging. (3) (Prereq: PSYC 101 or SOC 101 or SOC 102) This course introduces the students to recreation activities and techniques for working with senior adults. Topics include procedures for programming, implementation, and evaluation of recreation activities that serve senior adults.

456 Recreation Administration. (3) (Prereq: RSM 392) Administrative policies and organizational management of recreation services, financial and personnel practices, public relations. (Computer Usage)

482 Special Topics In Recreation and Sport. (3) (Prereq: RSM 389) Topics of special interest in contemporary recreation and sport management. Reading, research, and application of selected subject(s). Open only to junior and seniors. Offered as needed.

490 Program and Event Planning in Recreation and Sport. (3) (Prereq: RSM 337 and Senior standing) This course focuses on the principles and approaches to planning and implementing recreation programs. A philosophical and practical basis for preparing a variety of recreation programs will be covered.

492 Campground Administration. (3) (Prereq: RSM 392) Basic concepts of campgrounds and management. Topics include administration and organizational structure, business management, insurance for special groups or special camps, day camping, residence camping, recreational vehicle camping, campground facility design and maintenance, special event planning, and camp appraisals. (Computer Usage)

494 Area and Facility Management in Recreation and Sport. (3) (Prereq: RSM 337 and Senior standing) (Writing Intensive) Basic consideration in planning, construction, design and maintenance of sport and recreation areas, facilities and buildings.

496 Q Internship in Recreation and Sport Management. (12) (Prereq: Senior standing and completion of all Recreation and Sport Management required courses; successful completion of internship application and Exit examination; to be taken the last semester prior to graduation) (Writing Intensive) Twelve week full-time supervised experience in recreation or sport at a cooperative and approved agency.

499 Directed Undergraduate Research. (1-6) (Prereq: RSM 432) Using the scientific method, directed undergraduate research on a recreation or sport related topic to be developed by the student and instructor. (Computer Usage)

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