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Research Activities


"The Relationships Between 1-RM Leg Strength, Perceived Balance, and Berg Balance Test Performance in Older Men and Women"   Dr. Greg Martel, Mike Smith, Stacey Beam, Dr. John Yannessa

"Eccentric Peak Torque is Related to Scores on the Berg Balance Test in Older Adults"  Stacey Beam,  Dr. John Yannessa, Mike Smith, Dr. Greg Martel

"The Effects of Gender on Lower Body Muscle Strength, Balance-Related Self-Efficacy, and Balance Test Performance" Mike Smith, Stacey Beam, Dr. John Yannessa, Dr. Greg  Martel

"State Anxiety Level May Mediate Falls Efficacy Among Older Adults" Dr. John Yannessa, Stacey Beam, Mike Smith, Dr. Greg Martel

"Aging Skeletal Muscle: Fighting the Effects of Sarcopenia" Dr. Greg Martel, Dr. John Yannessa, Stacey Beam, Dr. Gibson Darden

"Can a Computerized Muscle Strength Testing System Improve Learning of Major Muscle Contraction and Locomotion Concepts?" Dr. Greg Martel, Stacey Beam, Dr. Gibson Darden

"Fitness Assessments - The Impact of New Technology on Student Perceptions, Beliefs, and Attitudes of Fitness Testing and Assessment" Christine Rockey, Dr. Gibson Darden, Dr. Donald Rockey

"Reliability and Validity of the iSAM 9000 Isokinetic Dynamometer" Dr. Julia Orri and Dr. Gibson Darden

"Psychological Correlates Impacting Fall Risk Among Older Adults With and Without Cardiovascular Diesase" Dr. John Yannessa, Dr. Greg Martel, Stacey Beam, Dr. Gibson Darden

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Cheryl Smith
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Gregory Martel
Department Chair

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