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Dual-Degree Engineering Program



The following degrees are available within the Dual-Degree Engineering Program.

CCU Science MajorPossible Clemson Engineering



Chemical Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Applied Physics

Civil Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


What classes do I take?

Work with your dual-degree engineering major advisors and follow the courses for your declared CCU science majors. You should also become familiar with the intended Clemson engineering curriculum. Contact the Program Coordinator (listed on the right) if you have questions.

Note courses and/or requirements may change.


General Strategies

It is highly suggested that students take Math 160 (Calculus I) as soon as possible to begin their pre-engineering education at CCU.

Be aware of the approved course equivalencies between CCU and Clemson.

You should TRY to take all courses required for Clemson "General Engineering" curriculum before transferring (this might mean taking summer classes at Clemson).

Try to take CCU core courses that are quivalent with Clemson's General Education Compentcies courses.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator: 
Varavut Limpasuvan