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Dual-Degree Engineering Program

Transferring to Clemson


After completing the first three terms at CCU, students participating in the Engineering Dual Degree program should complete and send to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies of the College of Engineering and Science at Clemson the form "Intention to Pursue the Dual-Degree Program at Clemson University." The Associate Dean at Clemson will appoint an academic advisor for the student and will forward the name and address of this advisor to the student and to the CCU's program advisor.

Ideally, a student will apply to the Clemson University Office of Admissions after completion of the second academic year at Coastal Carolina. A student with grades no lower than  2.5/4.0, is assured of admission into the Clemson engineering program of his/her choice. Students not meeting these requirements will be considered for admission under Clemson's general transfer student admissions standards. Prior to enrollment at Clemson, the student must be consult with CCU's program advisor to verify that he/she has satisfactorily completed the majority of the CCU major requirements.

Contact Information

Program Coordinator: 
Varavut Limpasuvan