College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Brent Lewis
Associate Professor

Department(s): Marine Science
Degree(s): Ph.D., Florida State University, 1990
Office: SCI 209 B
Phone: 843-349-4193
Professional Experience:
  • Associate Professor, Marine Chemistry,
    Coastal Carolina University (2005-)

  • Asst./Assoc. Professor, Environmental Chemistry Division,
    Kettering University (1996-2004)

  • Postdoctoral Assoc., College of Marine Studies,
    Univ. of Delaware (1991-1996).

  • Graduate Research/Teaching Asst., Dept. of Oceanography,
    Florida State Univ., (1983-1990)

Research Interests:
Throughout my career, my research has focused on the geochemical cycling and chemical speciation of metals in natural aqueous environments. This has taken me from research cruises in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Black Sea to “mucking in the mud” in wetlands.

My most recent research project involves a study of seasonal changes in redox conditions and metal fractionation in freshwater wetlands bordering Saginaw Bay, MI. At CCU, we are continuing the analysis of Saginaw Bay sediments, as well as constructing voltammetric microelectrodes for studies in local saltmarsh sediments. We will also be working with Integrated Environmental Technologies, located in Little River, SC, to explore the application of their “EcaFlo” technology for the treatment of stormwater and wastewater.

Recent Presentations:

P.J. Montbriand, B.T. Glazer, B.L. Lewis, G.W. Luther III, S. Ma, D.B. Nuzzio, and S. Theberge. “The Interannual Response of Physical and Chemical Parameters in Suboxic/Anoxic Bottom Waters of the Chesapeake Bay During Late July 2002 and Early August 2003”, AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland OR, Jan. 26-30, 2004.

E.D. Kannisto, P.J. Montbriand and B.L. Lewis. “An Evaluation of Seasonal Variability in Redox Conditions and Trace Metal Fractionation in Freshwater Wetland Sediments Using Voltammetric Microelectrode Technology and Solid-Phase Extraction Techniques”, AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland OR, Jan. 26-30, 2004.

P.J. Montbriand B.L. Lewis, G.W. Luther III, B.T. Glazer , S. Ma, S. Reedy, D.B. Nuzzio, T. Spencer, S. Theberge. "Short-term Variability of Physical and Chemical Parameters in Suboxic/Anoxic Bottom Waters of the Chesapeake Bay During Late July 2002", AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December, 2002.

B.L. Lewis and G.W. Luther III. " Cross-shelf Surface Water Distributions of Total Dissolvable Trace Metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Zn) in the Middle Atlantic Bight During Spring and Summer 1992", AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, December, 2002.

Selected Publications:

B.L. Lewis, B.T.Glazer, P.J. Montbriand, G.W. Luther, III, D.B. Nuzzio, S. Ma, and S. Theberge. Short-term and interannual variability of physical and chemical parameters in suboxic/anoxic bottom waters of the Chesapeake Bay during late July 2002 and early August 2003. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, in preparation.

G.W. Luther, III, T. Rozan, A. Witter, and B.L. Lewis, "Metal organic complexation in the marine environment", Geochemical Transactions, 2001, 9 (On-line journal; Royal Society of Chemistry).

B.L. Lewis and G.W. Luther III, “Processes controlling the distribution and cycling of manganese in the oxygen minimum zone of the Arabian Sea”, Deep-Sea Research II, 47:1541-1561, (2000).

G.W. Luther III, P.J. Brendel, B.L. Lewis, B. Sundby, L. Lefrancois, N. Silverberg and D.B. Nuzzio, “Simultaneous measurement of O2, Mn, Fe, I- and S(-II) in marine porewaters with a solid-state voltammetric microelectrode”, Limnol. Oceanogr. 43, 325-333, (1998).

G.W. Luther III, B. Sundby, B.L. Lewis, P.J. Brendel, and N. Silverberg. “Interactions of manganese with the nitrogen cycle: alternative pathways to dinitrogen”, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 61:4043-4052, (1997).

L.W. Hall, M.C. Ziegenfuss, R.D. Anderson, and B.L. Lewis, “The effect of salinity on the acute toxicity of total and free cadmium to a Chesapeake Bay copepod and fish”, Mar. Pollut. Bull., 30:376-384, (1995).

B.L. Lewis, P.D. Holt, S.W. Taylor, S.W. Wilhelm, C.G. Trick, A. Butler, and G.W. Luther III, “Voltammetric estimation of Iron(III) thermodynamic stability constants for catecholate siderophores isolated from marine bacteria and cyanobacteria”, Mar. Chem., 50:179-188, (1995).

B.L. Lewis, G.W. Luther III, H. Lane and T.M. Church, “Determination of metal-organic complexation in natural waters by SWASV with pseudopolarograms”,. Electroanalysis, 7:166-177 (1995).

B.L. Lewis and W.M. Landing, “The investigation of dissolved and suspended-particulate trace metal fractionation in the Black Sea”, Mar. Chem., 40:105-141, (1992).

B.L. Lewis and W.M. Landing, “The biogeochemistry of manganese and iron in the Black Sea”, Deep Sea Res., 38(Suppl. 2):5773-5803, (1991).

B.L. Lewis, M.O. Andreae, and P.N. Froelich, “Sources and sinks of methylgermanium in natural waters”, Mar. Chem., 27:179 200, (1989).
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Brent Lewis
Associate Professor - Marine Science
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