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Graduate Student Handbook

Section 1:  General School Admission Requirements

1.1 Annual Application Cycle 
1.2 General Qualifications for Admission to the School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science Graduate Programs  
1.2.1 Provisional Admission to the Master’s Program 
1.3 General Qualifications for Admission to the Ph.D. Program in Coastal and Marine Systems Science 
1.3.1 Students Entering the Doctoral Program: Holding a Master’s Degree Students applying to the doctoral program from the School’s Master’s Degree in Coastal Marine and Wetland Sciences program 
1.3.2 Students entering the doctoral program holding a Bachelor’s Degree


Section 2: General Program Degree Requirements

2.1 Master’s Degree Program in Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies Degree Requirements
2.1.1 Enrollment Requirements
2.1.2 Required Graduate Courses
2.1.3 Guided and independent professional and research experiences; Research Thesis or Professional Internship Thesis Track Requirements Non-Thesis Track Requirements
2.1.4 Admission to Candidacy: Master’s Degree Program in Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies
2.2 Ph.D. Program in Coastal and Marine Systems Science
2.2.1 Enrollment Requirements
2.2.2 Required Graduate Courses
2.2.3 Ph.D. Program Comprehensive Examination
2.2.4 Program Qualifying Examination
2.2.5 Admission to Candidacy
2.2.6 Dissertation


Section 3:  Degree Time Line - Milestones - Forms and Responsibilities (coming soon)

3.1 Master’s Degree Program-Thesis Track (coming soon)
3.1.1 Master’s Degree Program Timeline- Thesis Track (coming soon)
3.1.2 Master’s Degree Program Milestones-Thesis Track (coming soon)
3.1.3 Essential Forms and Responsibilities- M.S. Program Thesis Track (coming soon)
3.1.4 Role of the Major/Thesis Advisor- M.S. Program Thesis Track
3.1.5 The Thesis Committee- M.S. Program Thesis Track
3.1.6 Thesis Thesis Proposal Thesis Credit Thesis Format Defense of Thesis
3.2 Master’s Degree Program- Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.1 Master’s Degree Program Timeline- Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.2 Master’s Degree Program Milestones- Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.3 Essential Forms and Responsibilities- Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.4 Role of the Major/Thesis Advisor- M.S. Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.5 The Internship Committee- M.S. Program Internship Track (coming soon)
3.2.6 Internship (coming soon) Internship Proposal (coming soon) Internship Credit (coming soon) Internship Report (coming soon) Presentation of the Internship to the School (coming soon)
3.3. Ph.D. Program in Coastal and Marine System Science (coming soon)
3.3.1 Program Timeline (coming soon)
3.3.2 Program Milestones (coming soon)
3.3.3 Essential Forms and Responsibilities (coming soon)
3.3.4 Role of Dissertation Advisor (coming soon)
3.3.5 The Dissertation Committee (coming soon)
3.3.6 Dissertation (coming soon) Dissertation Proposal/Qualifying Exam (coming soon) Dissertation Credit (coming soon) Dissertation Format (coming soon) Defense of Dissertation (coming soon) Publication Expectation (coming soon)