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Ph.D. Overview

The Ph.D. in Marine Science: Coastal and Marine Systems Science, facilitates students to work with faculty on original research expanding and applying knowledge of coastal systems. Emphasis is on developing predictive capabilities of coastal environmental systems and infusing an appreciation of associated environmental policy development.


Program Requirements

Required Graduate Courses (60 Graduate Credit Hours)

The Ph.D. in Marine Science: Coastal and Marine Systems Science, requires the successful completion of an approved program of study with a minimum of 60 graduate credit hours. The approved program of study includes a series of core and seminar courses required for all students, specialized content supporting a student’s individual research or academic needs and a required thesis.

The core of the curriculum is intended to provide a comprehensive foundation across the sub-disciplinary areas of the marine sciences (Atmospheric, Physical, Chemical, Geological and Biological) to facilitate a systems approach to the coastal marine environment and preparation for Comprehensive Exams. Specialized coursework, directed study, and research courses identified by the Dissertation Committee are required to support student research and professional objectives. Students may receive credits for an earned master’s degree in an area related to the doctoral program.


Core Courses (21 credit hours) *

CMWS 603: Coastal and Wetland Policy and Management (3)

CMSS 605: Coastal and Marine Hydrodynamics (3)

CMSS 606: Coastal and Marine Geological Processes (3)

CMSS 607: Coastal and Marine Bio-Geochemistry (3)

CMSS 608: Coastal and Marine System Science, Issues and Applications (2)

CMSS 609: Coastal and Marine System Science Seminar (4)

CMSS 610: Temporal and Spatial Analysis (3) or CMSS 611 Modeling Coastal and Marine Systems (3)


Specialized Courses (18 credit hours) *

Graduate coursework approved from an earned master’s degree and/or required by a student’s Coastal doctoral committee.


Dissertation Research and/or Directed Study (Minimum of 12 credit hours)


With the approval of the Graduate Programs Coordinator a student’s Dissertation Committee may specify other course work to satisfy the core or specialized course requirements to suit a student’s particular needs and the objectives of the curriculum.