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Journal of Political Science

‌The Journal of Political Science (ISSN-0587-0577) is the official journal of the South Carolina Political Science Association and published annually by Athenaeum Press. JoPS seeks to publish original research of high quality that contributes to all subfields of political science. We especially welcome research on Southern politics and politics on the state of South Carolina. 

2014 Journal of Political Science Cover

Journal of Political Science 2014 (v. 42)

Table of Contents 

  • Presidential Leadership of Television and Newspaper Coverage Through Press Conferences
    Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha, University of North Texas

  • Reterritorialization or Deterritorialization?
    Israel's Gaza Withdrawal
    Matt Evans, Penn State University - Altoona College

  • Moral Pluralism and Conflict
    Jason Ferrell, Concordia University (Canada)

  • Under My Thumb: National Control of State Interest
    Group Affiliates and its Policy Implications
    Dana Patton, University of Alabama
    Sara Zeigler, Eastern Kentucky University