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May 3, 2017

A phishing attempt related to Google Docs has been reported this week. Media reports describe the phishing attempt as coming through emails that look very similar to the actual ones that appear when someone shares a document via Google Drive and may claim to have links from people you may recognize. Reportedly, the suspect emails used the "send to" address ""

Although Google has resolved the isssue and CCU has not had reports of this particular phishing attempt, ITS reminds everyone to be cautious about opening emails and attachments from sources or addresses you do not recognize.

Learn more about the recent phishing attempt »

IMPORTANT: Fraudulent / Phishing email ALERT

April 10, 2017

Several CCU employees recently received the following fraudulent email, which is intended to direct the user to a website similar to a Coastal webpage. This webpage is intended to steal user credentials. ITS has employed measures to block the site from the University network. However, please be very vigilant and hover your cursor over links to verify if they are authentic before clicking. If you received the below email and clicked on the supplied link, please contact ITS-SCS immediately, as your email may have been compromised.

****From: Coastal Carolina University <REMOVED_FOR SECURITY >
****Sent: Monday, April 10, 2017 11:43:05 AM
****To: Recipients
****Subject: Your Attention Is Needed

****Coastal Carolina University

****Click here to reconfirm your email account

****Thank You
****c 2017 Coastal Carolina University

Tips to keep your digital identity secure and computer healthy:

  • DO NOT open any suspicious email attachments.
  • DO NOT give your usernames and passwords via email, phone, or on suspicious websites (the University will never request user passwords via email or phone).
  • DO NOT click on suspicious web links. Roll your cursor over the links received via email and look for inconsistencies.
  • Confirm with ITS-SCS if you receive suspicious email messages or links to websites.
  • It is strongly advised NOT to use CCU credentials (usernames and passwords) with external accounts such as online banking or social media sites.
  • Change passwords regularly (every 90 days).
  • If you receive a suspicious email or link to an external website, please contact ITS-SCS at 843-349-2220 or send an email to We will ask you to change your CCU security question and password as well as perform security scans on your device(s).