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Cisco NAC Agent

Cisco NAC Agent (CNAC) is an authentication and validation plugin used on the CCU ResNet and CCUnwired Wireless Network. CNAC checks to make sure that only current CCU students, faculty, and staff can use network resources. CNAC also validates that each system meets the security requirements to keep the network safe for all users. It checks:

  • All Operating System updates are installed
  • Antivirus Software is installed
  • Antivirus definitions/signatures are up to date.

If any of these requirements are not met, then the user is informed which requirement failed and is provided instructions on how to resolve the issue. Users are allowed limited internet access even if they are not logged into CNAC or fail validation. Users with limited internet access can:

Both Windows and Mac OS systems are required to use CNAC. Other systems on the ResNet or CCUnwired only have to authenticate at the CCU Authentication Page.

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