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Quarantined Computer

Networks all over the world are constantly threatened and attacked by computer viruses and hackers. In an effort to provide a safe and secure network to students, Coastal Carolina University implements a number of strategies. A single computer connected to the network that is infected with a virus or compromised by a hacker can damage other computers connected to the network. Such a computer must be quarantined until it can be cleaned.

Is my computer in Quarantine?

When a computer has been quarantined, it is directed to a webpage alerting the user of a virus infection or that it is being used by hackers. This webpage provides directions the user must follow to be removed from quarantine.

How to get out of Quarantine?

A quarantined computer cannot and will not be allowed access to the network until Student Computing Services (SCS) has verified that the computer is clean of viruses and no longer poses any threat to the network. This is done by SCS running several scans that remove not only viruses but also ad-ware and spy-ware. Once cleaned and given back to the user, please allow 1-2 business days for network access to resume.

Note: In rare cases, a computer could be running undetectable malicious processes that require special action.

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