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Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators are required for Math 130, Math 130-I, (possibly Math 131), Math 160, Math 161, Stat 201 and higher. The terminal courses Math 101 and 102 do not require a graphing calculator.

Possible math majors are strongly recommended to buy a TI-89, TI-92, or (TI) Voyage 200, but TI-83 (or TI-83 plus) is OK until the end of Calculus 1.

For all science and business majors, and undeclared majors, to take Math 130 (College Algebra) or Math 135 (the new Pre-Calculus course combining college algebra and trigonometry) all instructors use TI-83 (or TI-83 plus) for 100-level courses. If you already have another graphing calculator and know how to use it, you should not need to purchase a new graphing calculator. If you buy a used one, be sure to receive the manual. There will not be additional instruction on any other model of calculator so the manual will help you greatly. Be cautious about buying another model. For there will be no additional instructions on its use.

Any of the above four is compatible with Stat 201, although TI-83 (or TI-83 plus) is sufficient.

When in doubt, check with the instructor of your math course first. If your adviser is not in the math department, he/she is not a reliable source of information on this matter.

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