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On-Campus University Place

What's Needed for The University Place Community?

You will need to supply the computer, network interface card (NIC) and patch cable.
The network interface card must be a 10BaseT twisted pair Ethernet adapter. The University recommends using 3COM or equivalent network interface cards for Windows based computers. The network cable must be a Category 5 straight patch cable.

Note: While University Place Phase I & II have wireless access, it is recommended to use an ethernet cable to access the network.

Options for NIC Installation:

  1. Buy the card and install it yourself, but it will be up to you to get it to work properly. The University is not responsible for software or hardware not properly configured.
  2. Carry your computer to a local vendor to install the card and software.
  3. Have the vendor install the card and software on-site (in your dorm room).
    (Option 3 has the advantage that the vendor will insure that everything is working before they leave.)

What Are the Steps to Getting Hooked-Up?
If a vendor is not installing and setting up the NIC locally, then please read and carefully follow the "Computer Setup Directions for Residence Hall Connections" form available from the Student Account Desk in Kearns Hall room 113 or from the Coastal Website - Installing a Network Card.

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