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General Access Lab Help Desks
Student Computing Services (SCS) has several Help Desks on-campus to provide students with information and assistance with all their computing needs. More...

Lab Resources
Every General Access Lab has resources available for student use. These resources are to be used by students to facilitate the learning process as well as to aid students in their curricular activities. More...

The staff of SCS provide workshops to students during each semester. These workshops vary in scope and topic and are open to all students. Learn more...

CINO Printing
Printing services, known as CINO Printing, are available for students in all of the computer labs on campus. CINO Printing is a green printing solution that employs authentication before print jobs go to the printer. This helps eliminate waste and also save the students money. More...

The University hosts its very own E-mail Server. Every student enrolled is given a Student Email account. This is account will be used by Professors and Administrative Staff to contact the students. After graduating from the University your Student Email account is not lost, you can and are encouraged to keep your e-mail account and use it as long as you desire. More...

Web Advisor
Students can register for and drop classes, view their financial statements, print unofficial transcripts at Webadvisor. More...

Student can access their course material, professor notes, etc. online at Moodle. More...

Register Media Device
Students can register their game consoles and media devices with the university in order to gain access to the internet through their devices.

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