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Trouble Installing SafeConnect

If you have successfully installed SafeConnect and

  1. Your computer is missing an Anti-virus program.
    You can select to install a free Anti-virus from one of the links provided or you can install the free Anti-virus from the University

  2. The Definitions of the Anti-virus on your computer are out-of-date.
    Update your Definitions by opening your Anti-virus progam and find Update and select it.
  3. Your Operating System is missing updates.
    Follow the procedures to update your Operating System:


    Select the Apple Icon
    Select Software Update
    Select the Updates
    Allow the Updates to install onto your computer.


    Select the Start Button
    Select All Programs
    Select Windows Updates
    Select Check for Updates
    System will search for Updates
    Install all of the Important Updates
    Allow the Updates to install onto your computer. Repeat this process until you have no more Important Updates.

If you are having difficulties and would like assistance, you can contact Student Computing Services at 843-349-2908 or Tech Support at 843-349-2220. You can also bring your computer to the Tech Support Center in the Kearns Hall Room 113 during normal operating hours. No appointment is necessary but we do require for you to stay with your device while it is being serviced.

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