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Joe E. Berry Jr.
Dick F. Elliott

Robert H. "Bob" Brooks
Paul E. Stanton

Patrick S. Sparks '95

Brooke T. Donaldson '11

History and Traditions

Original and Honorary Founders

The following visionary leaders and organizations are honored in Founders Foyer, located in the Edward M. Singleton Building. It is the University's hope that current and future generations of students, as they pass through Founders Foyer, will be reminded of the many contributions of the Founders that serve as a benchmark from which the University may move forward with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.



Thurman W. Anderson  ♦
James P. Blanton  ♦
Cecil DuBose Brearley Sr.  ♦
George W. Bryan  ♦
Edward E. Burroughs  ♦
William C. Casper
William F. Davis  ♦

J. Kenyon East  ♦
Ralph H. Ellis  ♦
Morgan B. Gilreath  ♦
Dove Walter Green Jr.  ♦
James C. Hipp  ♦
Joseph W. Holliday  ♦
Jesse M. Lee  ♦

Harold S. Reese  ♦
George C. Rogers Sr.
R. Cathcart Smith  ♦
Ernest F. Southern  ♦
E. Craig Wall Sr.  ♦
E. J. Woodhouse

denotes original founder

1988     Karl G. Kempf   |   S. George Lovell Jr.
1989     George N. Magrath Sr.   |   C. Foster Smith

William A. Kimbel   |   L. Maud Kimbel   |   Catherine Heniford Lewis   |   Novie Nelson

1991     T. "Luke" Benson   |   Edward L. Proctor   |   Evelyn Mayo Snider
1992     Edward M. Henry   |   Sarah Fore Smith   |   Mr. and Mrs. William L. Spadoni
1993     Eldred E. Prince   |   Elizabeth "Lib" Shaw
1994     John K. Massey   |   Edward M. Singleton
1995     Clay D. Brittain Jr.   |   John K. McCormac

Parks M. Coble   |   James J. Johnson   |   R. Grant Singleton   |   International Paper

1997     Anne Tilghman Boyce   |   E. Cater Floyd   |   Collins A. Spivey   |   Kitty Lou Tilghman
1998     John W. Dawsey   |   George D. Grice   |   Charles E. Hodges
1999     William H. Alford   |   Donald A. Moore   |   Pauline Kleber Springs

Philip L. Edwards   |   Thomas W. Edwards   |   Paul Malone   |   May Howard Wall

2001     Rebecca Randall Bryan   |   Covel C. Moore Sr.   |   Clyde W. Port                                       more
2002     James P. Stevens Sr.   |   John C. Thompson                                                                     more
2003     William J. Baxley Jr.   |   Hal B. Holmes Jr.   |   Mildred Holmes Allen Prince                         more
2004     College of Charleston   |  Horry County Schools   |   University of South Carolina
2005     Liston D. Barfield   |   E. Craig Wall Jr.   |   George L. Williams Sr.                                       more
2006     Carroll A. Campbell Jr.   |   Ronald R. Ingle   |   Clark B. Parker                                           more

The inauguration of David A. DeCenzo as the second president of Coastal Carolina University
was held in lieu of the traditional Founders Day Convocation.

2008     Robin W. Edwards    |   Ruth S. Kearns   |   Harold J. Riddle                                               more
2009     Gene Anderson   |   Franklin C. Blanton
2010     Louis Henry "Hank" Mense   |   Burroughs & Chapin Co.                                                     more
2011     Ronald G. Eaglin   |   Nancy A. Smith   |   Frank M. Watts                                                   more

H. Franklin Burroughs   |   Guy Skipper Cameron   |   Charles L. Watson

University Medallions: Charles Joyner   |   John Vrooman                                                    more


James F. Hackler Jr.   |   Harold C. Stowe

University Medallions: Sally Z. Hare   |   Joyce B. Parker   |   John M. Vaught III

Distinguished Alumni: Alexander D. Klaus '05   |   Amy McAllister-Skinner '12                      more


Joe E. Berry Jr.   |   Dick F. Elliott

University Medallions: Robert H. "Bob" Brooks   |   Paul E. Stanton

Distinguished Alumni: Patrick S. Sparks '95   |   Brooke T. Donaldson '11                            more