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Performance Request

Would you like the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band or Groovin' Chants to perform at your event? We can provide a performing ensemble to meet your needs. Please note that due to scheduling constraints, we cannot guarantee acceptance of every request. Thank you for requesting a performance from the SOC!

Contact Person

Who can we contact to respond to the request?

10 digit phone number. 8435550185, for example.
Date of the Requested Performance

Date of the performance in MM-DD-YYYY format.

Time of the performance.

Note: 12:00PM is noon; 12:00AM is midnight.

Location of the Requested Performance
Details of Your Request

Please provide as much detail for the request as you are able. What is the intended audience; how much and what style(s) of music you desire to be performed; what size ensemble?


If an honorarium is being considered, please check the appropriate box below.

Please enter a whole number value.
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