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What is the Coastal Colorguard?


The Coastal Colorguard is a visual ensemble of the CCU Band Program that performs live with the CCU Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band. The Colorguard helps to deliver an extra visual impact for the Marching Band throughout the Chanticleer's football season. The Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band is an integral part of the Coastal game day experience. The Band brings spirit to the fans and inspires the Chants to victory, and promotes a positive atmosphere for all to enjoy!


What is the time commitment?


Being a member of the Coastal Colorguard is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly. All members are required to attend Band Camp that begins prior to the start of the Fall semester. Once classes begin, rehearsals are held MWF 3:30-6:00pm with an evening section rehearsal until the end of the fall semester. All members of the Colorguard are required to attend all home football games, parades, pep rallies, and other predetermined functions of the Marching Band in the Fall.


How do I beome a member of the Coastal Colorguard?


Begin by filling out the CCU Bands Online Interest Form. You must attend the audition date listed below. Exceptions can be made on rare occasions by Marching Auxiliary Director Candice Willis. Please email her about details.


April 26, 2014
Williams Bryce Gym
9:00am: Registration
9:30am: Instruction Block
Noon: Lunch (on your own)
1:00-4:00pm: Auditions

Audition Procedures:

  • You must contact Mrs. Willis by email ( to reserve your audition placement.
  • Eligibility is limited to students enrolled at Coastal or incoming freshmen who have already been accepted for admittance to CCU for the 2014 fall semester. (HGTC students may also be considered.) Proficiency on a musical instrument is not a prerequisite.
  • All those auditioning need to prepare a 60-90 second solo routine to be performed with music. This can either be work that has been previously performed with a school group, or work that you have personally choreographed. This is your opportunity to show your skills!! Required skills that must be in your in solo are a single and 1 1/2 toss on flag.
  • While weapon experience is NOT required, if you spin rifle or saber you may put this into your routine. Your weapon audition may be a continuation of your flag solo, but should be in addition to the 60-90 seconds. For placement on the weapon line, a minimum of a quad is required for rifle or sabre. Weapons are not guaranteed to be in our repertoire, but we may decide to add it if we have students that can spin.
  • Your audition music should be on a CD or may be brought as an mp3 to be played from an mp3 player (I.e. iPod, iPhone, etc. It must have a headphone jack that can be plugged into an auxiliary source.) A patch cord will be provided.
  • Please come dressed in all black. You may wear shorts or pants and a T-shirt or tank top. Tennis shoes or any kind of dance shoe is permissible.
  • A final roster will be announced at the conclusion of the auditions. All results are final as they are announced. At the conclusion of the auditions, those who successfully pass the audition will be sized for costumes, and other apparel, and fees/dues will be collected. Fees/dues are non-refundable!!
  • This is a closed audition. Parents or others will not be allowed to watch the auditions.
  • Great attitudes and spirit are key elements to the CCU color guard, so come prepared to show both!!


Frequently asked questions:


  • How many will be chosen for the Colorguard?
    We have no set number to choose for the Colorguard. We are interested in quality rather than quantity. ALL candidates will be judged on the skills listed above in addition to their work ethic and ATTITUDE!
  • Are both male and female students eligible for membership?
    Yes! The Coastal Colorguard is a talent based ensemble regardless of gender.
  • If I am selected for the Colorguard, will I be able to receivea course credit?
    Yes. All members receive one-hour credit by registering for MUS 124M (CCU) or MUS 111 (HGTC).
  • If I am selected, do I have to participate in all performances of the CCU Marching Band?
    YES! As a member of the Colorguard, you are expected to participate in all rehearsals and performances. You will also be expected to follow and adhere to all rules, policies, and procedures in the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band Handbook.
  • Is there financial assistance for colorguard members?
    YES! Each member of the guard who is a full time CCU student enrolled in MUS 124M will receive a $240 Marching Band Stipend.HGTC students are not eligible.
  • What is expected of me financially?
    Prior to the first performance, you are responsible for purchasing your tights and shoes (Sansha Tutto Nero Dance Sneaker
  • When do practices begin?
    All Coastal Colorguard members will be required at attend Precamp (August 9-10) and full Band Camp (August 11-15).







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