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Is the Spirit of the Chanticleer a class?
Yes, the
Spirit of the Chanticleeris a regular University course.


What is the course number?
The CCU Marching Band uses the following course numbers in the CCU or HGTC Schedule of Courses. Both of the courses have the same class meeting times. Students will get 1 credit hour for participation in band. Course numbers are as follows:
Coastal Carolina University = MUS 124M
Horry Georgetown Technical College = MUS 111


How are grades determined for the Spirit of the Chanticleer?
Grades are based on attendance, performance and attitude. In addition, music pass-offs are required which also factor into the grade.


How much time does it take to be in the Band ?
The CCU Marching Band officially meets three days per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Late in the season, rehearsals may be shortened or cancelled when there is no performance that week. In addition to home football games, the Band typically travels to a few away games each year. Other performances include exhibition performances at a couple of regional high school marching band contests (which is our main method of recruiting) and a couple of small events on campus.

Do hornline/drumline members purchase their own shoes & gloves?
Yes, hornline/drumline members must purchase their own band shoes & gloves. Shoes for the hornline & drumline should be shiny patent leather black lace up marching band shoes with no other markings or colors (see example at right). Gloves must be LONG WRISTED black cotton gloves (see example at left). Appropriate apparel can be purchased at band camp.


Can band members get free passes to games for family members?
Passes are not available for student's parents and/or guests. Parents are encouraged to purchase tickets through The Coastal Carolina University Athletic Ticket Office (843-349-2820).


Where can band members find the other rules and regulations for the Spirit of the Chanticleer?
All students will receive a Spirit of the Chanticleer BandHandbook which lists all the rules and standards for membership in the band.


Can students from Horry Georgetown Technical College participate in the Spirit of the Chanticleer?
Yes. HGTC students may register for band by enrolling in MUS 111 through the HGTC Registrar's Office. These students are not eligible for scholarships or stipend awards.


Are there fees or other expenses for participating in the Spirit of the Chanticleer?
There are no "Band Fees" or "Fair Share" fees to participate in Spirit of the Chanticleer, nor are there any school-owned instrment rental fees. There are some extra expenses for participation in the Colorguard and Twirlers.


Are there any special items that band members should acquire before band camp?
Yes. In addition to black marching band shoes and long-wristed gloves as described above, students must have the following;

  • a pair of black socks (must be at least calf-length or higher...ankle socks are not allowed!)
  • a flip folder
  • we recommend that all band members have a camel-back or other type of hydration back pack. These can be purchased at any sporting goods store, or department stores such as Wal-Mart for approximately $20.

    Does Spirit march flutes or piccolos?
    All flute players must march with piccolos. We have a limited number of school owned piccs available for student use, but they are on a first-come-first-served basis. If you absolutely have no access to a piccolo, please contact the Band Office.


    Are there any auditions prior to Camp?
    There are no auditions for the hornline prior to camp - only auditions for part assignments and half time spots during camp. We will post music online on the CCU Band Facebook page (membership required) during the summer, which will be used for part placement auditions at camp. You must be familiar with this music in order to successfully show your true abilities at the audition.


    If you have completed an online interest or hard copy interest form, you will be sent information regarding your specific section and requirements for audition.


    Does the University Housing office allow early move in for Band Camp?
    Yes! The CCU Univiersity Housing office works closely with the Band Office to ensure that everyone who is scheduled to live in a residence hall or University Place will have living quarters for camp. It may not be your permanent room assignment, but Residence Life will provide housing, and then we will provide time and assistance in moving into your permanent location during Band Camp should that be necessary. Visit our Band Camp page for details.

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