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Touch of Teal Feature Twirler AUDITION INFORMATION


What is the Touch of Teal Feature Twirler?

The Touch Of Teal Feature Twirlers is part of the visual ensemble of the CCU Band Program that performs live with the CCU Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band. The Touch Of Teal Feature Twirler helps to deliver an extra visual impact for the Marching Band throughout the Chanticleer's football season. The Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band is an integral part of the Coastal game day experience. The Band brings spirit to the fans and inspires the Chants to victory, and promotes a positive atmosphere for all to enjoy!


What is the time commitment?

Being a Touch Of Teal Feature Twirler is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly. The selected individual is required to attend Band Camp that begins prior to the start of the fall semester. Once classes begin, rehearsals are held M&F 3:30-6:00pm with a nightly section rehearsal on Tuesdays in Pawleys Island from 5:00-7:00pm until the end of the fall semester. The Touch Of Teal Feature Twirler is required to attend all football games, parades, pep rallies, exhibitions and other predetermined functions of the Marching Band in the fall. She must be able to commit to all these requirements.


How do I beome a Touch of Teal Feature Twirler?

Begin by filling out the CCU Bands Online Interest Form. You must attend the audition date listed below. Please email Ms. Card for any additional information.

  1.  You must contact Ms. Card by email ( to reserve your audition placement.

  2. Eligibility is limited to students enrolled at Coastal or incoming freshmen who have already been accepted for admittance to CCU for the fall semester. (HGTC students may also be considered.) Proficiency on a musical instrument is not a prerequisite.


Audition Procedures:

APPLICATION DEADLINE is Friday, March 1st!
Week of March 11-16th: Invitations to participate in the live audition will be sent by the CCU Band Staff, and finalist will be provided audition music for the first two (of three) routines to be performed at the audition
Friday, April 12th: Third and final piece of audition-routine music will be made available to the finalists (two weeks prior to the audition)
Saturday, April 27th: Touch Of Teal Feature Twirler Auditions & Interviews and Coastal Glamour Twirler auditions

Application Materials

Candidates interested in auditioning for the position of feature twirler at CCU should submit the following materials to the CCU Band Office by Friday, March 1st. The Spirit of the Chanticleer Directors and Dance/Twirl Coordinator will then evaluate all materials and select finalists to invite to the live audition. Materials should include:

  • RESUME: The resume should highlight the candidate’s performance history and accomplishments as well as other relevant academic achievements and/or community involvement.
  • DVD: The video must be in DVD format and contain TWO live performances that best highlight the candidate’s twirling performance abilities.
  • LETTERS OF REFERENCE: Each candidate should submit two to three letters of reference addressing their personal character, integrity, work ethic, performance level, and ability to work with others.

all application materials to:

Coastal Carolina University Bands
ATTN: Matthew Shrewsbury
PO Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054


Those candidates selected to participate in the live audition on Saturday, April 27th, 2013, will choreograph their own audition routines to three pieces provided to them by the CCU Band staff prior to the audition.

  • The first two tunes will be provided the week of March 11-16, and the final piece will be provided no later than Friday, April 12th (two weeks prior to the audition). This is a “real world” performance scenario in which the twirler must choreograph her own routine as quickly as the rest of the band learns a new halftime show.
    • The First Routine should utilize ONLY one-baton tricks
    • The Second Routine must be half two-baton and half three-baton tricks
    • The Third Routine may include any equipment the candidate wishes to use plus toss illusions, walkovers and any other BIG field tricks.
      • NOTE: Since fire batons are NOT allowed on the FieldTurf in Brooks Stadium, candidates may NOT include fire batons in the audition process.
  • Finalists will be adjudicated by the CCU Band Directors and Dance/Twirl Coordinator of the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band, as well as one or two outside experts. Performances will be judged on creativity, technique, poise, execution, confidence, and showmanship.
  • Finalists should perform in a 2-piece costume or dance shorts and halter top/sports bra.
  • Following all audition performances, each candidate will have a brief interview with the Director of Athletic Bands and Dance/Twirl Coordinator. This interview will be an opportunity for the candidates to discuss their role as a member in the band program, work ethic, and other topics that the directors may deem relevant.
  • The Directors reserve the right to decline naming a feature twirler when none meet acceptable standards based upon the live audition and interview.
  • The new “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirlers for the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band will be announced immediately following the live auditions.
  • Those auditioning for Feature Twirler are encouraged to audition for the Coastal Glamour Twirlers as well since there is only one position available for the “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler.
  • At the conclusion of the “Touch of Teal” and Coastal Glamour Twirler auditions, announcements will be made. After the announcements, measuring and sizing will be done as well as the collection of any fees due to secure positions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are auditions held? Auditions will be held on the campus of Coastal Carolina University.
  • When will I know if I've been selected? The Feature Twirler will be announced at the conclusion of the auditions.
  • How many will be chosen for the “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler? We will select 1 individual! ALL candidates will be judged on the skills listed above in addition to their work ethic and ATTITUDE!
  • If I am selected as the “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler, will I be able to receive a course credit? Yes. This individual will receive one-hour credit by registering for MUS 124C.
  • If I am selected, do I have to participate in all performances of the CCU Marching Band? YES! As a member of the visual ensembles that support the marching band, you are expected to participate in all rehearsals and performances. You will also be expected to follow and adhere to all rules, policies, and procedures in the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band Handbook.
  • Is there financial assistance for “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler? YES! Each member who is a CCU student will receive a $240 Marching Band Stipend. HGTC students are not eligible.
  • What is expected of me financially? If you successfully pass the audition, you will be expected to pay a $130 confirmation fee on the day of the auditions. This will guarantee your place as the “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler and help defray the cost of your supplies. Prior to the first performance, you are responsible for purchasing pants, shorts, tights, hair accessories and jewelry as specified by the instructors, and (click on each of the following): Tan Instep Shoes, White Style Plus Pintuck boots.
  • Does the “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler have any performances without the rest of the marching band? Yes. Mrs. Card and the Director of Athletic Bands prior to scheduling must approve any such performances.
  • When do practices begin? The “Touch Of Teal” Feature Twirler will be required at attend Band Camp. Please click here to go to our Band Camp page for dates and further information.






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