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Percussion Audition & PRE-CAMP INFORMATION


What is the Percussion Section about?

The Coastal Percussion Section is the "heartbeat" of the CCU Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band. The Drumline and Front Ensemble provide excitement, artistry, and depth to the sound of the Band. The Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band is an integral part of the Coastal game day experience. The Band brings spirit to the fans and inspires the Chants to victory, and promotes a positive atmosphere for all to enjoy!


What is the time commitment?

Being a Coastal percussionist is a huge commitment that should not be taken lightly. All members are required to attend Band Camp that begins prior to the start of the Fall semester. Once classes begin, rehearsals are held MWF 3:30-6:00pm with a nightly section rehearsal during the week until the end of the fall semester. All percussionists are required to attend all home football games, parades, pep rallies, and other predetermined functions of the Marching Band in the Fall. Each member must be able to commit to all these requirements.


How do I beome a member?

Begin by filling out the CCU Bands Online Interest Form. You must attend the audition date listed below. Exceptions can be made on rare occasions by Mr .Josh Frans. Please email him about details. Also please check out the Percussion Facebook page or call the CCU Band Office (843.349.6480).


April 12, 2014
Coastal Band Hall
Noon - Registration
Noon-7pm - Dinner on your own


Here are some preliminaries you'll need to know:


  • All auditions will take place on the grounds of the Coastal Band Hall.
  • Please make sure you bring sunscreen, hats, appropriate clothing, and water bottles.
  • You will be responsible for your own meals, so please budget accordingly.
  • You must be a returning member, freshman, or transfer student who has already been accepted to CCU or HGTC, to participate in our camp.
  • Placement within the percussion section will depend on three things: audition preparation, attitude, and work ethic.
  • All students will need to bring their own mallets and sticks to the audition. Cymbals will, of course, be provided for those of you who try out for cymbals or who are placed in the cymbal section.
  • Click here if you need directions to the campus and a map.


Frequently asked questions:


  • Can I try out for any of the battery or front ensemble instruments?
    Yes. You may try out for the instrument you wish to play.
  • What will the audition entail?
    You will begin playing with the other students trying out for that particular instrument. During the first session on your instrument, each student will be taken out of his/her group and auditioned on an individual basis. After all the group members have been individually auditioned, then you will be evaluated with respect to your performance within your group and as you compare to its members. If it is apparent that you do not have the skills to perform on the same level as your group, then after the first session, you will be given the chance to audition for another instrument. After being assigned to another group, the process will begin again. Except that this time, an individual audition will not be required, unless the instructor deems it necessary.
  • Will everyone who tries out make the percussion section?
    We wish we could take everyone, but we cannot.
  • If I can play a wind instrument and do not make the percussion section, can I participate in the hornline or try out for colorguard?
  • What happens if I decide that I am not interested in staying for the entire audition weekend?
    If you decide that the percussion section is not for you, and leave early then you will not be allowed to participate in the percussion section in the fall.
  • Will my ability to march factor into the Drumline audition process?
    Yes. You should be able to capably demonstrate that you can play on the move with control of your instrument and implements, with an appropriate quality of sound, and with appropriate posture and carriage. Obviously, being able to maintain tempo with your feet will be a very important factor in our evaluation of you.
  • What types of sticks and mallets will we use?
    We will use Vic Firth sticks and mallets.
  • Does attitude factor into our evaluation of potential percussion section members?
    Yes, attitude, particularly a positive one, coupled with a strong work ethic will be something all potential members should demonstrate.


Click here to download Front Ensemble Audition/Exercise Packet

Click here to download Battery Audition/Exercise Packet


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