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Tailgate Pep Band: The Groovin' Chants is a small select group of SOC members that perform around campus approximately 4 hours prior to kick-off and entertain tailgaters and fans with short pep rallies of fan favorites, school spirit, and stands tunes. This group is a microcosm of the CCU Band program and can be requested for special public and private performances in and around the Grand Strand area.


Strut Fest: This is the pregame concert performed by the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band approximately 90 minutes prior to kickoff at every home game. This new tradition, which began with the first home CCU football game of the 2010 season, features some of the Spirit of the Chanticleer’s most entertaining musical selections.

During the performance, Chanticleer fans are able to get up close and personal with the band as they perform selections from the pregame and halftime shows as well as fan favorite school spirit and stands tunes. The SOC even shares the stage with visiting bands.

There is no better way to get excited for the game than to be a part of this amazing game day experience!

Location: Prince Lawn- in the middle of the beautiful Coastal Carolina University campus.
When: Approximately 90 minutes before kick-off at every home football game.


March to the Stadium: One of the most exciting sights to see at CCU home football games is the parade of the Spirit of the Chanticleer as they travel from the Prince Lawn in parade down Independence Drive and University Boulevard to the entrance gates at Brooks Stadium.

The Spirit of the Chanticleer marches, dances and grooves down the parade route to various drum cadences and musical selections as they make their way to the stadium through campus, passing by tailgaters and fans. The SOC announces their arrival to the entrance of Brooks Stadium by treating those gathering at the stadium to a short standstill performance at the gate.


At the Gate: This At the Gate performance is a small pep rally inside the main gates of Brooks Stadium where the SOC plays fan favorites, school spirit and stands tune musical selections. This gives fans arriving at the stadium who may have missed Strut Fest, an opportunity to see and listen to the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band up close and personal.


Pregame Show: The CCU Chanticleer football pregame festivities are just another great part of the game day experience that the SOC participates in for every home football game.

The Spirit of the Chanticleer helps to create a great pregame atmosphere with a 15-minute pregame show which begins with the Drumline walk-on. Then things really get moving with the drum major high-kick strut to the 50-yard line completely by an acrobatic mace routine and the Spirit of the Chanticleer Marching Band entrance.

This energetic entrance sets the stage for the opening strains of the traditional Pregame Fanfare which is played first to the pressbox side, then the visitors side and finally towards the scoreboard endzone before segueing into the world famous Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. This is performed as the band moves down the field in rank and file before they split into three groups and spell out C-C-U.

Following the playing of Mr. Touchdown USA, the SOC does a quick turn to form a 50-yard outline of the state of South Carolina after which one band member is granted the honor of starring the city of Conway. It is in this formation that the SOC Marching Band then performs the National Anthem and CCU Alma Mater.

After paying musical tribute to our school and country, the band marches to a block formation to the CCU Fight Song. During the Shout section, the band invites the audience members to sing along to the fight song as the words are projected on the video board while the band completes the downfield march and moves into a new formation to create a tunnel for the Chanticleer football team and coaches to run through as they enter the field for game time.


Cheers: The SOC Marching Band plays between most offensive and defensive plays during the CCU Chanticleer football games. Musical cheers between offensive downs are designed to hype the atmosphere.

Fight Song Lyrics

CCU Fight Song

Gonna play the game and score for us all.
Coastal Carolina takes the ball.
Marches to the goal or kicks it on through.
Proud to be a Chantthrough and through.

We'll shout our colors, Go Teal!
And then we'll yellout, And Bronze!
And our beloved Chanticleers will WIN THIS GAME.

We're the Chanticleers of CCU
Proud to be a Chantthrough and through.
Fighting like a champ for victory today
We will stand together as we say:

Sock 'em, Bust 'em
That's our custom
Coastal Car-olina!

Alma Mater Lyrics

Coastal Carolina

We come to you to lead our search,
and learn to reach beyond ourselves-
below the earth, beyond the stars-
to form our dreams for better years.

Here, green and bronze in nature; light-
sweet pine forests that surround us,
ocean waters that sustain us-
reflect your standards and prepare us.

May we return in thought and care
to share your promise of enrichment,
and celebrate and sing our praise
for Coastal Carolina.

- Bennie Lee Sinclair



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