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Tryout Student-Athlete

Welcome to Coastal Carolina University. We look forward to working with you during your upcoming season. For us to provide the necessary services for you this upcoming year, we will need the documents below filled out completely and signed by both you and your parent/guardians.

It is important to understand our policy regarding your primary insurance. All student-athletes are REQUIRED to have primary insurance coverage. Failure to do so will keep the student-athlete from participating in their respective sport until primary insurance is obtained and on file with the Athletic Training Department. It is the responsibility of the policy holder to ensure that intercollegiate athletics is covered under their current policy as some insurance plans do not have this coverage available. Coastal Carolina University provides only an excess or secondary basic accident insurance policy. This means that all claims will be filed through an individual's primary insurance first, then any excess or remaining amounts will be considered by the secondary excess policy. NO pre-existing injuries or congenital disorders will be covered under the secondary insurance policy.

Please go to the Insurance FAQ page for further details.

If you are using your parent/guardian's insurance, you MUST contact your insurance carrier to make sure that you have coverage while away at school and that coverage includes participation in intercollegiate athletics. Also, it would be advisable to look into your out of network coverage in the Myrtle Beach area. Medicare/Medicaid will NOT be accepted as primary insurance coverage. You MUST purchase a primary insurance policy that will cover you while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

All potential student-athletes are required by Coastal Carolina University to have proof of your sickle-cell status.  This can be obtained by having a SCT solubility screen test taken or by checking birth records to see if you had a hemoglobin electrophoresis test.  Written documentation MUST be provided, prior to clearance for ANY intercollegiate team activities: conditioning, weight training, individual practice, team practice, competition, and/or team-related activities such as team building.

Required Documents for Medical Clearance:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Insurance Information
  3. Medical History
  4. Consent Forms
  5. Pre-Participation Physical (MUST be taken 6 months from the first day of try-outs)
  6. Sickle-Cell Screen (Mandatory for all student-athletes)
    1. Obtained thru County Birth Records (Electrophoresis Test)
    2. Simple Blood draw thru Physician - Sickle Cell Screen Test

Download Medical Packet here: Student-Athlete Medical Packet

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view document.  If needed, obtain here:  ADOBE

Please do not send Immunization forms to our office, refer to this webpage for instructions:                                          


Please turn in Medical Packet (make sure it is complete and signed), to:

Coastal Carolina University

Athletic Training

PO Box 261954

Conway, SC 29528


Questions, please email:  athletictraining@coastal.edu