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Staff Advisory Council

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Singleton Building
Wall Building
Coastal Science Center
Foundation Building
Procurement Office
Edwards College of Humanities & Fine Arts
Sands Hall (Post Office)

Council Members

Dan Lawless dan@coastal.edu Office of the Registrar 2021 6/30/2016 Chair, President appointed
Judy Davis Jdavis4@coastal.edu Edwards College of Humanities & Fine Arts 2444 6/30/2015 Provost - Academic Area
Sandy Cannone scannone@coasta.edu Wall College of Business 2071 6/30/2015 Provost - Academic Area
David Betsch dbetsch@coastal.edu University Housing 6400 6/30/2016 Provost - Student Affairs
Melissa Todd mtodd@coastal.edu Athletics 2231 6/30/2015 Provost - All Reporting Areas
Kevin Bowers kbowers@coastal.edu Facilities Management 2942 6/30/2016 Finance and Administration - Facilities Management
Lynn Silver lsilver@coastal.edu Accounts Payable 2060 6/30/2015 Finance and Administration - Financial Services
Dana Booth dbooth@coastal.edu Human Resources 5085 6/30/2015 Finance and Administration - Human Resources
Lisa Dent ldent@coastal.edu Information Technology Services 2975 6/30/2016 Finance and Administration - Information Technology Services
Mat Crawford mcrawfor@coastal.edu Public Safety 2210 6/30/2016 Finance and Administration - Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety, Transportation
Samantha Kite


Financial Aid & Scholarships 2313 6/30/2015 Finance and Administration - Financial Aid & Scholarships
Allison Tanner


Conference Services 2495 6/30/2015 Finance and Administration - Conference Services
Bill Edmonds edmondsb@coastal.edu Photography 2924 6/30/2016 Executive Vice President/COO
Robyn Diven rdiven@coastal.edu Coastal Educational Foundation 2215 6/30/2015 President
Bertha Fladger bcfladge@coastal.edu Multicultural Student Services 2863 6/30/2015 At large, President appointed
Lisa Bernadyn lbernadyn@coastal.edu Recorder