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Strategic Planning
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Please scroll to the bottom of this page for the minutes of each meeting of the task force.

Statement of the Charge

The educational needs of our students and community will be addressed through innovative, purposeful, and engaged approaches to teaching and learning that use resources, delivery systems, and partnerships for maximum benefits. These will include:

• Leverage educational resources and opportunities through collaboration and partnerships with other institutions and external organizations and entities
• Transcend barriers of traditional educational venues to offer unique educational opportunities
• Create a culture of learning that is flexible for changing markets
• Provide academic support services that meet curricular requirements and enhance educational goals
• Explore varieties of educational delivery systems for variable scheduling options for learners
• Utilize new technologies as tools for innovative and creative ways of teaching and learning.
• Build community and campus partnerships for purposeful learning from classroom to career; Expose the value of connections between CCU core education and successful future employment
• Foster the teaching, scholarship, and service model in educational programs and intellectual pursuits of both teachers and learners
• Investigate opportunities for applied research and experiential learning with public and private sectors
• Promote curricula with global perspectives, connecting our campus nationally and internationally to global events and trends that impact our region
• Sustain dialogue on development of new educational initiatives and ideas; form a “brain trust” 


• Charmaine Tomczyk (Associate Director of Library Services)

• Faculty from each College:
-Pam Martin (Core Curriculum Chair, ECOHFA)
-Patty Edwards (Academic Affairs, Chair, ECOHFA)
-Tom Secrest (Faculty Senate Strategic Planning Committee, WCOB),
-Deborah Vrooman (CONAS, Director of Graduate Studies)
-Emma Savage-Davis (SCOE, Director of Center for Education and Community)
• Jan Bowman (Director, Center for Aging and Active Retirement)
• Taylor Damonte (Director, Clay Brittain Jr. Center for Resort Tourism)
• Paul Gayes (Director, Center for Marine and Wetland Studies)
• Gary Loftus (Director, BB&T Center for Economic and Community Development)
• Tim McCormick (Director, Enrollment Planning)
• Lauren Brajer (SGA President)
• Robert Sheehan (Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs)
• Norm Whiteley (Lifelong Learning)
• Wendy Woodsby (Disabilities Coordinator)
• Cookie Elston (Staff Advisory Committee)
• Cynthia Johnston (Staff Advisory Committee)
• Ex-officio - Jerry Oakley (Strategic Planning Steering Committee Member)
• Ex-officio – Carl Schwartzkopf (Strategic Planning Steering Committee Member)
• Ex-officio – Rob Shelton (Alumni Association Executive Committee)
• Ex-officio - Marilyn Fore (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, HGTC)

TF01_Draft Final Report_April 24-Complete.pdf



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