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Billing Policy and Procedures

The Office of Student Accounts bills tuition, including lab and other class fees, room charges, board (meal plans), books, and fines, including parking violations, property damages or other penalties, if assessed. Charges are accumulated in individual student accounts and, except for pre-registration, are updated as charges are incurred. Tuition charges for classes selected during pre-registration periods and room charges for future semesters are billed at specific times prior to the start of a new semester.

Coastal Carolina University does not issue paper invoices or statements. Account balances are available on-line 24 hours per day, seven days per week through the Student portal of WebAdvisor. The student may log-in to WebAdvisor to obtain the WebAdvisor student menu. Under Student Accounts-Financial Services menu, select the first option, "Current Account Balance" to review your most current account balance.


Important Note: Current Account Balance is created only when there is a class registration. Account Summary and Account Summary by Term are updated with all charges as incurred whether class registration is completed or not.

The Current Account Balance is reflected on the Registration Statement (see below). This statement identifies the student, the student ID, the semester for which current charges are reflected, financial aid information, itemized current semester charges, financial aid and other payments applied, and a net account balance. The bottom portion of the statement reflects the net account balance, any pending financial aid to be credited to the account, and a total account balance due and payable. This section also provides a means to document payment information if payment is submitted by mail.


Bills for advance registrations are due for payment on scheduled due dates prior to the start of semester classes per the Student Accounts Calendar. If additional charges would occur or account balances are adjusted (ex: declined financial aid, etc.) after the first scheduled semester bill payment due date, the account balances are due by the close of business on the date the charges/adjustments are posted.

Students whose accounts are settled within prescribed timelines will find little to no inconveniences attributed to the financial processes managed through the Office of Student Accounts. Those students whose bills are not paid by the due dates are subject to class cancellations, restrictions to future class schedule adjustments (drop/add), restrictions to grades, transcripts and, if applicable, diplomas. The Office of Student Accounts also utilizes outside collection services if an account becomes severely delinquent.

Payment Policy and Procedures

The Office of Student Accounts collects all funds to be applied to the student's account


All auditors must be admitted to the University and go through the regular registration process. Auditors will be charged the same fees as students taking courses for academic credit.

Students with Financial Aid:

Students with financial aid sources assisting with college financing must follow procedures outlined by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Except instances of some local scholarships, certain military benefits, and Section 529 College Tuition Savings plans, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will process financial aid information to a student account. You may access the Financial Aid and Scholarships web site for additional information.

If the student receives military benefits, please contact Veterans Affairs at 843-349-2203 or 843-349-2464. If a student wishes to process funds from a 529 College Tuition Savings plan or has local scholarships, you must contact the Office of Student Accounts at 843-349-2159.

If all pertinent documentation has been completed, financial aid funds will be credited to a student's account under the heading Pending Amount. When certain timelines, documentation and attendance requirements are completed, the financial aid funds will be transmitted to pay the student's account. If financial aid resources exceed charges, the student will receive excess funds in accordance with settlement procedures. If financial aid resources only cover a portion of the charges outstanding, the student is liable to pay the difference from personal funds.

Any changes to a student's schedule and/or financial aid after the student receives a refund may create a debt. All such debts are subject to collection and must be repaid immediately.

Personal Payments:

The Office of Student Accounts accepts cash, checks, money orders, debit cards and major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Payments are accepted at the Office of Student Accounts in person during business hours, by mail or by phone. Payments can also be made on-line through WebAdvisor . (Log onto WebAdvisor through the Student Portal; under Student Accounts-Financial Services menu, select "Make-A-Payment" option to make a credit card payment). Students may also apply to pay their account balance in installments using the Payment Plan Agreement.

Payments made online or by phone with a debit or credit card will be charged a service fee of 2.7% by Official Payments. Electronic checks drawn on checking accounts are available online at no charge.

Payments by check will be credited on the date of receipt. If payment is received by mail, assessments of late pay penalties (see Payment Plan Agreement) will be determined based on mail postmark date. You may mail a check or money order with a copy of your Registration Statement. All checks must include the student name and ID number, a current driver's license number and state of issue, and a daytime telephone number.

Postal mailing address for items sent with the United States Postal Service:

Office of Student Accounts
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054

Physical address for items sent with a courier service such as FedEx or UPS:

Office of Student Accounts
Baxley Hall 127
100 Chanticleer Drive East
Conway, SC 29526


Student Financial Responsibility and Collection Costs

By registering for classes at Coastal Carolina University, you accept full financial responsibility for payment of tuition , fees and related expenses. If you fail to make timely payment, your account may be referred to a collection agency, and you will be responsible for all collection fees, attorney fees, and court costs incurred by the University in collecting your delinquent account. You are bound by these policies for the duration of your enrollment at CCU and until all final charges are paid in full.