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Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

Student Eligibility

1. Must be a student enrolled in at least 3 credit hours for the FALL or SPRING semesters at Coastal Carolina University.
2. Must be current (no past due balances) on all past charges owed to the University.

Student Responsibility

1. Student is responsible for informing Coastal Carolina University Office of Registrar of changes to contact information including name, address and telephone numbers.
2. If changes are made during the plan term initiated by this agreement or future plan terms that result in delinquent receipt of payments, the student will be responsible for any late pay charges and other collection costs. The student may contact the Office of Student Accounts by e-mail at studentaccounts@coastal.edu or by phone at (843) 349-2159.
3. I acknowledge that this payment plan agreement obligates me to pay tuition, fees and other related expenses. I further understand and agree that my account may be referred to a collection agency if I fail to make a timely payment, and I will be responsible for all collection fees, attorney fees and court costs incurred by the University in collecting my delinquent account. I understand that I am bound by these policies for the duration of my enrollment at CCU and until all final charges are paid in full.

Plan Set-up

1. To enroll in the Payment Plan, the student must submit a completed Payment Plan Agreement form with the first payment and plan set-up fee.
2. Payment Plans are calculated on all student charges, including tuition, housing, meal plans and other miscellaneous charges. The plan amount established will be computed net of awarded financial aid, including financial aid in a pending status.
3. The Payment Plan amount is payable in four payments, the first payment equal to one-fourth of the net plan amount plus a plan set-up charge. Changes to student charges and/or changes to financial aid awards after the initial plan set-up will revise plan amounts and future payments.
4. Coastal Carolina University will assess a NON-REFUNDABLE plan set-up charge at published rates at the time the plan is established. The current rate is $35.


1. Payments may be made by cash, check or money order. Payments made online or by phone with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express will be charged a service fee of 2.7% by Official Payments. Electronic checks drawn on checking accounts are available at no charge. Online payments are encouraged. Do not send cash by mail.
2. Coastal Carolina University does not offer auto-charge at this time. For future payments, you must pay online through WebAdvisor, contact the Office of Student Accounts in person or by phone on or before the due date to avoid late pay charges of $25 for each late payment.
3. Future payments are due on Sept. 15, Oct. 15 and Nov. 15 for Fall Semester and on Feb. 15, March 15 and April 15 for Spring Semester; or if the due date falls on a weekend or South Carolina State holiday, the due date is the next business day. Payments not received at the Office of Student Accounts by the due date are subject to late pay charges. Payments by mail must be received by the due date.

NOTE: The Net Payment Plan Amount is subject to change if any adjustments are made to class schedules, financial aid or other charges/credits are applied to the student account. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts if adjustments are made during the semester plan period.