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CINO Legacy


Junior and Senior Leadership Development Program

The CINO Legacy program is open to all junior and senior students, and is designed to provide a way for students to learn leadership theory and skills and apply this new knowledge during their academic and professional career.  Students in today’s world are overwhelmed by the many challenges faced in the academic and work worlds so this program is designed to assist them in better processing these demands.  We often tell our students to, “be the change we wish to see in the world”.  In theory this sounds simple but in actuality this is a massive undertaking.   When looking at ourselves, while questioning our own assumptions and behavior – this can lead to extreme confusion. 

This program is designed to help junior and seniors rise above the daily challenges and excel outside the classroom environment, whether it be at a job, an interview or in a service capacity.  It will help students understand themselves better while working towards their personal and professional goals.

CINO – Coastal Is Number One

LEGACY – a bequest or gift (something acquired without compensation)

Overall Intended Outcomes:

  1. Understand how leadership is affected by a complex society
  2. Understand how different leadership styles impact others
  3. Understand how to acquire skills to work with a diverse society
  4. Understand how you can impact others when speaking and problem solving

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Participants will identify areas of personal strength and areas for personal enhancement;
  2. Define and practice skills which enhance effective, meaningful, and culturally competent communication and connection between individuals, organizations, and societies;
  3. Develop and refine skills and characteristics that advance your personal mission while  increasing your success as a leader;
  4. Develop and utilize a network of individuals focused on and committed to developing and improving your academic and future career;
  5. List and define values which should guide actions, behaviors, and communications within your scope of relationships.

 Fall 2012/Spring 2013 – Requirements:

  • Register for or participate in UNIV 100 – Emerging Leaders Seminar
  • Attend Leadership Meet & Greet
  • Participate in Wall Center for Excellence Workshops
  • Complete the Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Develop Co-curricular Transcript in Coastal Connections
  • Attend CCU Fall Leadership Conference – October 20, 2012
  • What’s your sentence? – Daniel Pink (Drive)
  • UNIV 100 – Class Evaluation
  • Lunch with a Leader – free lunch, get educated and get connected.  You choose the leader and schedule date and time.  Coordinate w/CINO Legacy Adviser
  • Attend Wall Center for Excellence Workshops
  • TEAL Tuesday Leadership Development Series

Monthly CINO Legacy Meetings

January: “THIS IS IT: Making Every Second Count”

Model the Way

  • Brief teambuilding exercise

What is left for you to do at Coastal Carolina?

  • Goal setting & working with your Advisors
    • “Great” Advisors present
    • Social media to enhance your personal brand
    • Co-curricular transcript
    • How will you stay connected to your organization or your alma mater?
      • Graduate School – What to expect - Comprehensive exams, dissertations, presentations.  These are just a few of the words to add to your grad school vocabulary.  Meet our panelist who have survived and thrived in graduate school and let them tell you what to expect from a variety of graduate programs.
      • Start preparing for “Life After College”
        • Apartment Hunting Essentials
        • Managing Your Finances and Understanding Benefits
        • Negotiating your first salary and benefits

February: “WHO’S SERVING WHO? Learning Through Service”

Inspire a Shared Vision

  • “Ask not what you can do for your country”, said JFK
  • Making the most out of your Service Life
    • Just Not Ready For….BUT Ready to Serve in AmeriCorps, VISTA, etc.
    • Coordinate with volunteer services and REALLY make an event happen
    • How do you stay an active member in your organization and community?
    • Is it a sweeter carrot or a sharper stick?
    • Sarah Weaver – Young CCU Alum – Next & Pruitt Marketing Firm – School of Hard Knocks

March: “YEARS IN THE MAKING: Who are you, and who do you want to be?”  Working on making you today than yesterday?

Challenge the Process

  • What is your understanding of how well (or poorly) you work with others?
  • What is your ideal work environment?
  • “Learn how managing your interpersonal skills, adaptability, resilience, and attitude will make you a more effective leader and will help you maximize your leadership experience. Putting your professional self forward.
  • Navigating the office cocktail hour….
    • How to Work a Room…

April: “LEAVING YOUR LEGACY: How to ____________________”

Enable Others to Act

  • “Learning how to stay engaged with the university and professional organizations can propel you to becoming a respected young professional.”, but which organization? – Clifton M. Jones, 2012 Student Leadership Conference
  • Presenters from The Wall College of Excellence, Alumni Office and Career Services
    • More information on what the 1954 Society
    • What can student and graduates do to give back and keep in touch with Coastal?
    • Are there any networking opportunities students can take advantage of from the Alumni Office now or after graduation?
    • How to live “outside” of college
    • TOMS Day – Meet non-profit and volunteer with that group. 
    • Complete the LPI
    • Leaving Your Legacy – How will you be remembered?  Not ten years from now but tomorrow, next week, next year.  Did you impact people’s lives in a positive way? Spend some time examining these questions and allow CINO Legacy to help guide you to leaving your legacy at Coastal Carolina University.
    • Spring Assessment Plan – Program Evaluations


CL Historian – elected position by class members.