Coastal Carolina University
Alumni Post-Graduation Survey
Your response to the following questions will assist Coastal Carolina University in providing improved services for current and future students.  This information helps us forecast an accurate picture of the current job market and how well Coastal Carolina University has served you.  Personal information will remain completely confidential and will only be used in aggregate form for academic planning and reporting purposes.  Thank you for your valuable input.
2. When did you graduate from Coastal Carolina University?
3. Prior to attending Coastal Carolina University, were you a South Carolina resident?  
4. Gender:  
6. Are you employed?  
7. Employer Details:
8. Is your current job related to your undergraduate major?
9. Have you completed a graduate degree?  
10. Are you currently attending graduate school?  
11. Name of graduate school that you are attending or have attended:
12. As an Alumnus, are you interested in participating in the Alumni Association?  
  If yes, please provide your name and e-mail address so that we may contact you:

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