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Water Bottle Refill Stations

Look for one of the 73 Water Bottle Refill Stations located throughout campus and fill up your bottle, cup or mug with free filtered water!

Number of bottles saved to date: 1.8 million bottles saved (as of August 2015)

Locations include:

Main Campus

  • Adkins Field House
  • Arcadia Hall
  • Atheneum Hall
  • Baxley Hall
  • Brittain Hall
  • Bryan Information Commons
  • Edwards Building
  • Evergreen
  • Facilities Shop
  • Hackler Golf Course Driving Range
  • Hampton Hall
  • HTC Center
  • Kearns Hall
  • Kingston Hall
  • Kimbel Library
  • Prince Building
  • Lib Jackson Student Union
  • Public Safety Building
  • Singleton Building
  • Smith Science Building
  • Student Health Center
  • Swain Science
  • Wall Building
  • Wheelwright Auditorium
  • Williams Brice P.E. Center


  • Atlantic Hall
  • Band Hall
  • Building 450A
  • Burroughs and Chapin Marine and Wetlands 
  • Coastal Science Center
  • Human Resources
  • Tennis Center


  • Chanticleer Hall 
  • Eaglin Hall
  • Grand Strand Activity House
  • Ingle Hall
  • Tradition Hall

FILTERS - - If the water station near your area needs a new filter, please complete a Work Request through Facilities Planning & Management

Here are some things you can do to "Think Outside the Bottle"

  • Invest in a Water Filter: It has been proven that cold tap water tastes better than warm or room temperature water. There are many water filters on the market to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include Pur and Brita (ranging between $20 and $30). Although your tap water is safe to drink, many people enjoy having a filter system for their water, plus it allows you to keep the water cold. There are also filters you can attach to your faucet.
  • Invest in a Reusable Bottle: Reusable bottles, cups and mugs are available everywhere and they sell for between $1 and $20. You can fill up yours at any of the Water Bottle Refill Stations across Coastal's campus. Visit our Home page for a list of locations.
  • Spread the Word: Share this change with those around you and educate as many people you can. Let them know that simple things like this really do make a difference and the more you spread the word, the bigger difference we can make.

Water Conservation

Water conservation is a priority for operations at Coastal Carolina University.