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Green Team

The Green Team is an integral part of the behind-the-scenes work of sustainability at Coastal Carolina University. The Green Team consists of student workers that collect the recyclables on-campus in all academic and administrative buildings, as well as during special events, especially athletic events. 

You can volunteer with the Green Team throughout the school year at one of these events, visit the Sustain Coastal calendar for details:

  • Move-In Weekend (August)
  • Game Day Recycling (September-November)
  • Earth Day (April)
  • Campus Salvage Move-Out (May)

For more information, please contact: recycle@coastal.edu or call 843.349.6954.

Meet the Green Team


Alexis Belinsky

Major:  Communications

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Blairstown, NJ

Recycling Tip:  Check all the products that you use because lots items are recyclable

Favorite Anything:  Animals


Colby Causey

Major: History

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Conway, SC

Recycling Tip: Don't throw liquids into the bins!

Favorite Anything: History


Nicole Edwards

Major: Marine Science

Graduation Year: 2015

Hometown: Yorktown, VA

Recycling Tip: Buy cans instead of plastic bottles. Cans can be remade into new cans, but plastic cannot be made into new bottles.

Favorite Anything: Pacific Rim


Mallory Kohari

Major: Psychology

Graduation Year: 2016

Hometown: Williamson, WV

Recycling Tip: Breakdown your cardboard boxes.

Favorite Anything: Paramore


Kristina Dedicatoria

Major:  Marine Science

Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown:  Assawoman, VA

Recycling Tip:  Dump your liquid coffee before placing your cup in the bin. 



Kate Vanderpool

Major: Marine Science

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Recycling Tip: Shred paper to allow more room in your recycling bin.

Favorite Anything: Kayaking


Alex Fant

Major:  Intelligence and National Security

Graduation Year: 2018

Hometown: Wahiawa, HI

Recycling Tip:  Flatten your cardboard before it is recycled

Favorite Anything:  Food