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Campus Salvage


About the Program - At the end of the academic year, Sustain Coastal organizes and coordinates the Campus Salvage move-out program. Since its first effort in 2008, the program has evolved from grassroots dumpster diving into a well-known structured campaign. It's not just about saving items from the landfill, it's about collecting items to donate to local organizations and helping those in need in our community. The success of Campus Salvage depends on your donations!

During Move-Out in the Spring semester, the Campus Salvage Program sets out PODS across campus to accept unwanted items from students, staff and faculty at the end of the school year. More than half of the items we collect are donated to local organizations in need. The rest is sold at a community sale to pay for the costs to place the PODS on campus.

To learn more or if your local organization needs donations, please call (843) 349-5041 or email sustain@coastal.edu

Volunteer! We need students, staff and faculty to help at the collection points and during the sale for Campus Salvage. Please contact sustain@coastal.edu to sign up. 


When are the PODS open to leave our stuff?  The PODS are open 8am-5pm during the collection dates.

What if the doors of the PODS are closed? It’s OK to leave your unwanted items in front of the closed doors or next to the PODS. We will get it when we come back.

What kinds of items do you accept? Clothing and shoes, furniture, cleaning products, non-perishable food, electronics, home decor, dishes, bags, school supplies, blankets, towels, bedding, etc.

What kinds of items do you not accept? We don’t accept foam pads, perishable foods, or undergarments.

Can I buy something from the PODS or trade my item in for something else? No. This is a donation program. Our volunteers are not permitted to handle transactions.

What happens to the items I drop-off? We donate all clothing, non-perishable food, cleaning products, school supplies and bedding to local charities. The rest of the items are sold at reasonable prices to the local community at the Campus Salvage Sale on Saturday, May 16, 2015 in the PODS Company parking lot, 370 Allied Dr., Conway.

Why should I donate my stuff, if you are just going to sell it? The goal is to keep items out of the landfill and support local charities and the local community. Our typical buyers for the sale include students and school teachers. All proceeds raised from the sale support the cost of the program.


2014 Donations 

Through Campus Salvage, the following items were donated to local charities/organizations:

* Ark Animal Hospital in Surfside Beach -- 15 bags of towels, sheets and blankets

* Churches Assisting People (CAP) Center -- three bins of nonperishable food and brooms

* Community Kitchen in Myrtle Beach -- four bins of paper products and cleaning supplies

* Fostering Hope in Conway -- 55 bags of clothes, clothes hangers and accessories

* Goodwill -- 5,200 pounds of clothing, bedding and housewares

* Grand Strand Humane Society -- three bags of blankets and one box of cleaning supplies

* Help 4 Kids -- three boxes of school supplies and six backpacks

* Horry County Animal Care Center -- 11 bags of towels and blankets

* Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach -- eight bags of blankets and towels,mjl and laundry products

* Low Country Food Bank -- 86 pounds of nonperishable food

* Katie’s Project -- 23 prom dresses, 24 pairs of shoes, purses and jewelry

* North Strand Housing Shelter -- three bags of clothing, sheet sets, four boxes of cleaning products and paper products, and three bags of nonperishable food

* Salvation Army in Conway -- 10 bags of clothing

* Street Reach in Myrtle Beach -- four bins of cleaning products, toilet paper and brooms 








Organizations Benefitted

If your organization would like to benefit from Campus Salvage, please call (843) 349-5041 or email sustain@coastal.edu for details.  At this time we only donate the following items: clothing, bedding, non-perishable food, cleaning products, paper products and school supplies.